What to Expect from Top Korean Concealers

If you’re a fan of beauty products, you probably know that Korea has a good reputation when it comes to quality. Korean beauty is taking the world by storm, and it’s now easier to see Korean brands in your local mall or on your favorite international makeup shopping sites. Once you’ve found the right shade and consistency that works for you, it will be easier to appreciate K-beauty in general.

Flawless skin is one of the things K beauty is known for, and that’s owing to the high-quality products they have on the market. If you’ve been eyeing a concealer, for instance, you might want to try a Korean brand that promises the following:

Evens Out Skin Tone

The main reason you need a concealer is so you can hide the imperfections on your skin, especially when you’re going out and want to look good. Unfortunately, some concealers do the bare minimum and are too liquidy to last the whole day. You might also have problems finding a shade that matches your skin. In Korean beauty products, you get an even skin tone even with just a light application of a concealer that is one shade lighter (if you’re hiding eye bags) or something darker (if you’re hiding freckles). More importantly, these concealers are usually buildable, which means even if you have a very pronounced spot to hide, you can still be successful.

Hides Freckles

As mentioned, Korean beauty products such as concealers are great at hiding freckles and beauty spots on the face. This is perfect when you’re playing dress up and want to change your appearance drastically to serve a purpose. Actors and theater stars use this to play their roles with ease. Those who have a lot of freckles, especially during summer, will also find concealers great at hiding them when you need to. It’s not that you’re embarrassed about your freckles, but sometimes you just want to have smoother skin so that your appearance does not distract from your skills, such as when you’re going for an interview.

Conceals Dark Circles 

A lot of people buy concealers for the sole purpose of concealing dark circles. For days when you need to be out there meeting people, but you did not have enough rest the night before, a concealer is your best friend. Simply dab, don’t smear, the product onto your problem area and watch as your dark under-eye circles fade away. Concealers can also hide pimples and acne, to an extent, if you choose the right shade. Makeup artists may also recommend using a color corrector first, to make pimples look less pronounced and easier to conceal.

Moisturizes Skin

Older concealers used to look flaky or spotty when applied to the skin, and they even have that ghastly shine to them sometimes. Thankfully, newer formulations have gotten rid of these problems, and they are also moisturizing to the skin. This means your problem areas will not look dry just because you want to hide them. With a concealer that’s also able to moisturize, your skin will look healthier all over.

Concealers should be part of your skincare routine because of the many ways it can benefit you. But before you buy, make sure you are buying the right shade to get the most benefits.