How to choose the right style of a diamond ring?

Diamond rings are possessions no matter whether they are a symbol of love gifted by someone or if one has bought it with her own earned money. One buying a diamond ring does not mean it has to be an engagement ring. One can always buy a ring to celebrate themselves, and as an act of self-love.

Diamond rings are precious, and stylish. Hence one can wear them with any outfit, and flaunt them in style. For that, there is no need to get engaged. A diamond ring is a statement of its own, and some of the styles are quite popular like the bands, cuff rings or the pave ones.

When it comes to diamond rings, there are many styles to choose from. One can go for a classic setting for the ring or there are other styles like Halo, Bezel or others. There are some non-traditional styles as well like Pave rings or Cuff rings.

Vintage settings are quite popular when it comes to diamond rings.Those rings are dazzling, and quite feminine. One can choose a rose gold band, and some pave set diamonds so that it shines bright when one wears it. These are the rings, that make a style statement no matter which outfit they are worn with. Though most people connect solitaire rings with engagement purposes – one can also buy them just like that. In case, one wants to buy a solitaire ring for themselves, they can go for a single big diamond set in a platinum band. They can be thinner bands with the diamond at the center.

Here are some popular designs

Cluster Rings

Also known as Perennial rings, are very popular yet underrated styles when it comes to feminine rings for any occasion. Here, the diamond ring comes with multiple bands, and the pave has a detailing that is sought after a non-engagement ring style. It looks dazzling when worn with gowns or sarees.

Pavé Rings

It is said to be the most elegant, and stylish rings. Wearing it means one can stand out from the crowd. One can make their pave settings beautiful, and unique by adding some aesthetic value to it. One can place the diamonds on the band in such a way that it should reflect more light. This will let the finger glow.

Halo Rings

Most women look for Halo designs when it comes to diamond rings. Because of the shimmer, it can allow the center stone to dazzle, and create an impressive effect.  Here, the central diamond can be surrounded by other diamonds which are smaller, to create the halo effect. It can appear like a shine on the finger when one wears it.

Bezel Ring

Rings that come with bezel settings are the safest ones because the diamond here is anchored with a metal border. Hence, there are lesser chances that the stone will fall out or can be scratched in this setting. One can also wear it with their daily outfits.

Cushion Ring

When it comes to a cushion cut rings, then the stone is cut in a rectangle or a square shape with tapered corners. It gives kind of a puffy appearance to the stone. This style is not a very common choice for women but if one is fond of unique designs they must go for it. Keep it to wear for special occasions.

When it comes to bracelets, there are plenty of designs to choose from as well. But a diamond bracelet should always be sleek, and neat so that one can wear it in every occasion. Tennis bracelets, or bands can be the best choice here.