Piano Buying FAQs: Piano Price in Singapore and More


It can be intimidating to buy your first piano. Many questions run through your head while you look for the perfect one. Does the piano you want fit your budget? Is a grand piano a good size for the living room, or should you buy an upright piano yourself? Don’t worry – many people have wondered the same. Check out these frequently asked questions about buying a piano.

Which type should I get?

There are three types of pianos: grand, upright, and autoplay/digital. Pick the one that fits you and your lifestyle the most. An upright piano has a smaller soundboard, so a grand piano will always sound better. An upright piano is usually 155cm wide. Grand pianos have long and horizontal strings, so they don’t face the same problems as upright pianos.

The grand piano size is usually 5 feet wide, and its length depends on how long the strings are. Finally, digital pianos have computer sensors for their notes. They are usually the same size as upright pianos.

How much is a piano?

Pianos are a heavy investment. Think carefully about which one you want, as the piano price in Singapore depends on what kind you get. Grand pianos are the most expensive; they usually cost around S$85,000 to S$200,000. Upright pianos are much cheaper at around S$3,000 to S$6,000. Digital pianos are the least expensive, starting at S$800.

Where should I get a piano?

It might be hard to find a piano seller that you trust. In that case, look at any online seller’s reviews in their shop. Other people’s testimonials are social proof that this seller delivers high quality. Check to see if these reviews speak for the quality of the seller. For example, Steinway Gallery’s piano store has a review section on its website.

Start your piano-playing journey right by buying the perfect piano. Visit Steinway Gallery Singapore and enquire about their piano price in Singapore.