Grow Your Business With Flat Rate Credit Card Processing

If you search for credit card processing rates, your options are a little overwhelming and a lot to process. There are flat-rate pricing, membership pricing, tiered pricing, and a few other options that you need to consider. North American Bancard Agent Program makes it easy to provide your customers with affordable pricing. With their flat rate pricing, giving your customers simple pricing options can be done without creating trouble. You don’t need to worry about PCI fees, monthly fees, or other variety of expenses.

Flat Rate Credit Card Processing

Flat rate credit card processing is the best available option for merchants because the most frustrating part of accepting credit card payments is understanding how exactly these payments are going to cost your business. In the scenario of flat-rate credit card processing have simplified the situation by laying out fixed and flat-rate pricing that allows merchants to see clearly and predict accurately what their credit card processing costs are going to be. The most common type of flat-rate processing in the market today is where the processor takes a specific percentage from the volume of the transactions.

Average Flat Rate Credit Card Processing Fees

Flat-rate credit card processing fees are generally around 2.75 percent to 2.9 percent for swiped transactions. But for some cases, there might also be a per-transaction fee of around 20-30 cents per transaction. As you can see, flat rate credit card processing makes calculating your fees nice and easy!

Credit Card Processing

When a credit card transaction is completed through your business, your credit card processor has to pay interchange fees to the issuing bank authority. What those fees are will change all the time based on a plethora of factors. Different issuing banks have different interchange rates. Rates can change depending upon the type of cards used or the type of transaction used. Even the nature of the product bought can matter. In most cases, it is the interchange rates that bring headaches and make it hard for merchants to calculate the costs of their services. This is why flat-rate credit card processing is so popular now a day.

Benefits of Flat Rate Credit Card Processing

For all credit card processing options, there are many benefits and these factors are different for every business. The pros of using flat rate credit card processing are:

  • Paying the same amount for each sale
  • It keeps costs predictable so that it’s easier to calculate monthly credit card processing fees
  • Flat-fee models by North American Bancard Agent program don’t cost any account fee on a monthly basis.
  • The benefit of flat-rate pricing is that it is predictable and easy to monitor.
  • It can be the least expensive option overall for very small or seasonal businesses as it doesn’t charge monthly fees, only the per-transaction fees.


As you can see, the Flat-rate credit card processing has its own set of benefits and plays a positive role in the payment processing market. However, for businesses with more than just a few transactions each month require to be wary or at least aware that flat-rate processing is probably costing more than necessary.

And, in the ever-evolving world of commerce, companies seek strategies for advancement. A promising route is to become a merchant processor. This transformation enables businesses to manage payments efficiently, broaden their client base, and flourish in the dynamic financial sector. It’s a pivotal step towards sustainable growth and industry prominence.