5 Advantages Of Aircon Chemical Wash In Singapore

Cleaning your AC is easy. You need to remove the filter, clean or replace it, put it back, wipe the vents, and you are done! But the clean is not 100%, unlike with aircon chemical wash in Singapore. Aircon chemical wash is not like your superficial cleaning. Your unit will be detached and cleaned with a chemical solution to kill bacteria.

Here are the advantages of aircon chemical wash in Singapore:

1. Effective in removing bad smells

There are many reasons why your AC smells. It could be the burned wires, which need anaircon repair in Singaporeand not AC cleaning; dead animals, such as mice and lizards, and mould spores.

The chemical solution used in chemical wash kills odour-causing bacteria, eradicating the pungent smell of your unit.

2. Improved Health

Mould spores, dust, pet dander, and any impurities accumulating on your AC filter can cause health problems, including allergy, asthma attacks, difficulty breathing, and other respiratory illnesses.

Aircon chemical wash ensures a spotlessly clean, removing these allergens and infection-causing germs.

3. DIY cleaning easy

Chemical wash is recommended at least bi-yearly, yet superficial AC cleaning is monthly. The chemical wash makes this DIY cleaning because all the deep-seated dust and hard-to-remove dirt have been washed off already.

4. Improved AC life

Aircon chemical wash involves disassembling the unit to clean all washable parts. While doing so, technicians can also inspect and repair potential damages in the equipment, evading hefty aircon servicing in Singapore in the future.

5. Improved performance

Dirt buildup in the aircon filter impairs the airflow within the unit, hindering the aircon’s performance. Aircon chemical wash removes this thick dirt buildup, enhances cold airflow, and improves aircon performance. Sometimes you don’t need commercial aircon servicing in Singaporeto bring back the old performance of your AC.

Aircon chemical wash is an investment in your health and unit!

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