Virtual Sign: 5 Reasons Your Business Should Use E Signature

Signing a document nowadays is way too different compared to 50 years ago. After all, no one has to wait for days to receive the files they need to sign. Thanks to the world’s technological advancement, document management has become more manageable since anyone can sign documents wherever they are with an electronic signature, also known as a virtual sign.

Here are the reasons your business should opt for a digital online signature.

1. High Level of Security

A digital online signature is more reliable and secure than handwritten signatures since it contains the signer’s digital identity, which prevents forgery. In the documents where the virtual sign is, it also has the IP address of each signer and the time stamp when they signed it.

2. Reduces Errors

Handwritten signatures are prone to errors. If a signer makes a mistake, they have to use liquid paper to cover it up and try signing it again. But with a digital online signature, they only need to click erase or undo their action so they can input their virtual sign again.

3. Lower Environmental Impact

Besides using liquid paper to cover errors in handwritten signatures, a signer will sometimes need to sign a freshly printed version of sensitive documents if they make a mistake with the spelling. Printing another set of sensitive documents means using more paper, which has an environmental impact.

4. More Convenient

Opting for a digital online signature is a lot more convenient. As mentioned above, anyone can sign a document regardless of time and place. With no more waiting, the transaction and processing of the paperwork have become simpler and faster.

5. Mobile Friendly

The convenience of digital signatures has something to do with their mobile friendliness. As long as the signer has a copy of the document and internet access, they can input their virtual sign using any mobile device.

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