4 Signs It’s Time to Get New Shower Mixers

When constructing a bathroom, there are plenty of things you need to have if you want an area where you can prepare for the day and unwind after a tiring shift. Generally, you would be looking for various products, such as toilet bowl accessories and bathroom taps in Singapore. One of them will most likely be shower mixers.

Unfortunately, you will inevitably need replacements since your shower mixers will eventually malfunction or possess issues where repairs are no longer viable. Therefore, here are 4 signs it is time to buy new shower mixers.

1. Difficulty Turning Them On

Similar to the latest faucet design, there comes a time when you find it difficult to turn on your shower mixers. Either the handle is difficult to turn, or it is impossible to move it. If you have this issue, consider getting a replacement from your bathroom supplier.

2. Unexpected Temperature Changes

Since your shower mixers are responsible for keeping the temperature within your preferences, sudden changes will be noticeable and should be a cause for concern. While plumbing repairs can solve this issue, consider finding a replacement if it is a recurring problem.

3. Water Leakage

If you have a rain shower head in Singapore, you may have an experience with water leakage. Since your shower mixers may suffer from leaks, having a prior experience with this problem will help since you would know how to deal with it.

However, if DIY or professional repairs aren’t providing adequate results, consider getting a replacement.

4. Loss of Water Pressure

If you notice that the water pressure changes often while using your shower mixers, its components may be suffering from wear and tear. Therefore, you should consider contacting a plumber for repairs. However, if it is no longer a long-lasting solution, consider getting replacement shower mixers.

Given these signs, if you are planning on buying new shower mixers, visit TOTO for more information regarding their available products.