The Reality Of Weddings Without A Wedding Planner

Without a wedding planner in Singapore, expect tons of work in planning your dream wedding. You may have read tips and tricks from various wedding books and magazines. However, DIYing can be demanding, from finding a location to booking schedules, meal tasting, gown fittings, etc.

To help you give a realistic view of what weddings are without a wedding coordinator, read below.


Not knowing where to start is the first challenge you will face without awedding planner in Singapore.Who do you contact for the venue, photographer, or catering? Where to find a florist? These are just some of the vendors you need to look for when planning your wedding. The benefit of getting a wedding coordinator is that they have numerous contacts for these factors, such as the venue, photographer, caterers, DJ, florist, and gown boutiques.


With a wedding coordinator, they can organise the entire meal selection, including finding options depending on the cuisine that you like, scheduling food tasting, tracking meal expenses, arranging meal counts for the guests, and ensuring the quality of the food on your big day.


Another reason why a wedding planner is crucial is budgeting. Rest assured that your wedding coordinator can still provide your dream wedding within your budget.


Planning a bachelor or bachelorette party still falls under the role of a wedding planner. They can arrange creative, wild, and fun activities for your party.


Last on the list is seating arrangements. Without a wedding coordinator, you are in charge of the RSVPs, seating charts, and guest tables. A wedding planner can organise the best seats for your family, friends, workmates, and other guests.

A wedding planner is known to be a problem-solver. Nowadays, everyone lives with a hectic schedule. It is where a wedding coordinator comes in handy. Also, with a wedding planner, you can achieve your dream wedding with no hassle.

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