Here’s How You Can Volunteer for Eradicating Poverty

Living in poverty strips people from many privileges like education, healthcare, a permanent home, and comfortable life. Those people are voiceless because the unfair system has oppressed them. As someone who has the power to share their voice, it’s better to take action for a better tomorrow.

So, if you want to contribute to a positive change, here are some ways you can volunteer in your community or country.

1. Tutor Students

There are non-governmental organisations that focus on providing education to every child to improve the educational inequality crisis. Some of these organisations are open to volunteers to tutor students and provide free services to young learners.

2. Donate Books, Shirts, and Other Items

You will outgrow some of your belongings as time goes by, and it’s better to donate them than stock them at your home. Remember, some of your trash can be some people’s treasure. At some point, you can help others by providing necessary items.

3. Volunteer at Homeless Shelters

You can go to homeless shelters and volunteer to cook, clean, and talk with the community if you have free time. Through this action, you can advocate for eradicating poverty and the education crisis by being exposed to the actual situation.

4. Give Financial Support

You can give financial support individually or through an organisation, so choose a way that feels comfortable for you. If you know someone living in poverty, you can directly support them by giving financial aid from time to time.

5. Start a Feeding Program

The effects of poverty can also affect one’s health. It’s essential to eat three times a day to maintain a healthy body. So, if you want to help families, you can start a feeding program for their daily sustenance.

Everyone deserves a comfortable life. To advocate for poverty and the education crisis, join volunteer work at The Best of You in Singapore. Visit their website to know how you can become a registered volunteer.