Funeral Etiquette: A Guide To What To Wear

Funeral services in Singapore are not social affairs or parties where you celebrate good news. Friends, family, and other guests are mourning the loss of their loved ones. Another thing to consider would be the sensitivity of the situation. If you are unsure about what to wear, read this article and practise proper social etiquette during the gathering. 


Attending a funeral means planningfor a decent and simple outfit. Avoid bright and flashy colours, too many accessories, and anything that invokes attention from guests. If the family assigns a dress code, follow it, while if there is not, use your best judgement and practise decency. (note: Most people and cultures prefer darker colours during these events.) 


It is not the time to wear a sundress or flip flops. Keep in mind that you are not going to the pool or the beach. The usual attire for men is a suit, while dresses or coordinates are for women. If these outfits seem uncomfortable during hot days, there are lighter options when attending a funeral package in Singapore. 


You might need to attend Buddhist funeral services in Singapore or any other religious order. They prefer this because of their beliefs and cultural practices. When invited to such events, do not hesitate and pick up the appropriate outfit. That is how you pay your respects. 


Attending funeral services in Singapore is about honouring the deceased and paying respects. In short, it is not a gathering or a runway where you boast a beautiful outfit. Another rule of choosing what to wear is blending in. Do not steer from the norm, and pick simple pieces. 

Always be respectful when attending these types of gatherings. If you have queries and concerns, contact Ang Chin Moh FD.