Why is BA Journalism and Mass Communication so popular in Modern Society? 

Mass media and journalism form an important pillar of the modern progressive society. The world is getting increasingly globalised which means occurrences around the world are worthy of being noticed. A market crash in Greece can impact the global economy and similarly, the war in Syria has repercussions all around the world. In such a scenario, the exchange of information and giving people the right to express their opinion becomes necessary. Mass communication refers to the methods used in conveying important messages to the general populous. It covers a wide variety of mediums such as radio, television, internet and many more. Journalism, on the other hand, is solely focused on compiling and transmitting news. It is done through print via newspapers and through electronic media via news channels.

A career in this field is both desirable and rewarding. Here are the top reasons why BA Journalism and Mass Communication is highly popular:

  1. It curbs people’s need to stay informed

In this information technology-driven world, people wish to stay updated on everyday happenings. They want to know about every occurrence in their community, country and the world. What better medium for this than mass media. Also, people play an important role in participation in the system. They give decisive opinions on political and international developments, contribute to the economy and also vote for governing bodies. All this decision-making requires accurate information for which common folks depend on mass media.

  1. Becomes the voice of the voiceless 

Every democratic system requires an impartial and sound journalism body. It is like the watch-dog of the society that protects the freedom of people. Hence, this job has strong moral and social implications. It is a sought after and highly respected job position as well. Many journalists have successfully brought authorities, government and people together. They serve the needs of the common masses and have often brought justice and limelight to many notable causes.

  1. The age of media

This century is often termed as the age of media given the tremendous impact it has on people. All the information, learning and knowledge that we gather comes from several media sources. It is the most powerful and effective means of communication and is an intricate part of everyone’s life. We read newspapers every day for the latest headlines, gather knowledge of art and history through documentaries and turn to magazines for the latest happenings. All in all, mass media rules the world of an average man.

  1. An exciting field

The millennials love a fast-paced life and mass media and journalism compliments their need. Things are always exciting in this field and one is always on the move looking for the next exciting piece of information. The skillset that one acquires in this path makes them a dynamic and enterprising person. Students who take this career path can easily meet any challenge head-on. They learn to be innovative, persuasive and become expert at articulating thoughts effectively.