How Clearabee Contributes to Rubbish Removal London

Litter still remains a massive problem in the UK. This problem devalues the local regions. It pollutes the environment and might lead to an outbreak of infections. Rubbish Removal London networks such as Clearabee have always tried to control the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill. The rubbish, when left to accumulate, might harm wildlife and residents. But the cost of removing them is usually high. According to reports, councils in the UK spend around £700 million to fund street cleaning services annually.

Marine litter has always been a global issue, but the fact that it keeps getting prevalent is quite worrying. Most marine litter originates from the land. It is carried by water and drained into large water bodies. Therefore, it is essential to see how critical rubbish removal London networks are. They avail their teams to aid in the litter picks in the region through the provision of reliable garbage collection services.

Importance of Community Cleanup

Taking part in community cleanup is a special way to show how much you care for the environment. It is also a way to encourage other residents to take pride in their areas. Regardless of the size of the event that you have organized, you can always get the right weeding and litter picking gadgets from organizations like Clearabee. They will also advise you on what needs to be done to ensure success in whatever you will be doing during the event. Once the activity is over and you have filled the skips with enough waste, you can contact the company back so that they pick up the waste.

How To Make the Event Safe and Successful

Once you have decided to conduct a litter picks activity, it is crucial to select where it is going to be. The areas that you can choose include schools, footpaths, cycle track, school grounds, or even your street. You will have to ask for permission in case the land is privately owned.

You Can Look For Volunteers

Though you might not need a huge group to make a change, it can be great to ask for help from some friends and others who care. In case there other groups in your region such as schools, community groups, church groups, scouts, and guide groups, you can ask them to lend a helping hand. This will make the workflow smoothly and successfully. To have more people coming in, you need to ensure that the event is as fun as possible. That way, you will not struggle to attract people of all ages to come and join you in the litter picks event.


Each year, we take part in the collection of litter to ensure that they do not end up in the landfill. We have always been there whenever there is a need for skips and garbage collectors. Since we value your time, our team responds very fast to help collect wastes and transport it to the right destination. We are focused on ensuring that the environment is kept healthy and clean; the inorganic waste that we collect is always taken to the recyclers where it is turned into organic waste. Clearabee, for a long time, has liaised with the national litter-picking campaign as a part of the rubbish removal London Network.


London is one of the biggest cities in the world. This means that it might take some time to clean. But through the litter picks, some changes can be made in the area. Clearabee is always there to offer any support that might be needed during the rubbish removal London.