Choosing the Right Airsoft Gun is Not Easy: Get the Best Deal

Getting started in the Airsoft is not an obvious thing, which airsoft weapon to choose? It is also important to note that we speak of replica airsoft more than airsoft weapon. What power? Which of these models is it suitable to start? Or with which accessories (airsoft goggles) do we have to equip to practice the Airsoft safely? Visit WRC2Extreme for more information.

To help you see more clearly on the multitude of range of pistols, rifles and airsoft rifles available, we will discover in a few points which are the main families of weapons airsoft, and which are they best adapted to beginners as well as the essential accessories of protection.

Airsoft replica: The main categories of Airsoft weapon

The airsoft weapon ranges consist of two major categories, handguns (ball guns, revolver balls etc.) and long guns that correspond to replica rifles or replica rifles.

For your first purchase airsoft gun, the ball guns are already an interesting first alternative because this airsoft weapon model allows you to get a first approach to start in the Airsoft. Several ball guns technologies exist and offer higher or lower powers.

  • Spring
  • Bottle gas (GBB)
  • CO2 gas
  • Battery or electric ball guns
  • Mixed GBB / CO2

You can also consider buying airsoft weapon long. These ranges of weapons offer powers equal or superior to the ball guns. According to your budget and your desires, you will be able to select among the ranges of airsoft weapon:

Different type of energy: spring, electric (AEG), Bottle gas & CO2 gas

Different types of replicas: Shotgun, Sniper rifle, assault rifle, submachine gun, machine gun

For beginners, it is best to start with a moderate firepower, which will allow you to first master the use of an airsoft weapon and improve your aiming ability.

Before buying airsoft gun: Protection accessories

In the Airsoft, it is essential to equip yourself with protective accessories to practice the airsoft safely. Before making your purchase airsoft weapon (replica), think first and foremost about your safety. For that, you can opt for airsoft goggles. Transparent and of sufficient thickness to guarantee maximum safety, airsoft safety glasses will be the mandatory tool for any part of Airsoft.

You can also equip yourself with protective accessories such as vests, holsters or masks to protect your face from log impacts.

Find our entire ranges airsoft weapon directly on our online store and all the necessary protective accessories to practice the airsoft safely.

  • Do you want to build your airsoft armory?
  • Do you want to choose among the most realistic and performing airsoft weapon replicas?
  • Your goal, equip your airsoft armory according to your budget?

First, build your airsoft armory as you wish. Logic but it is important to tell you that you are the decision maker and that your airsoft gunsmith must advise you according to your needs, while taking into account your airsoft experience.

However, building an airsoft armory requires a few rules that are important to know and respect. So we will see together how to choose an airsoft weapon via the advice of our experts. For other guns, handguns, rifles, rifle accessories like AR-15 uppers and magazines, ammo, kits, and tactical equipment, visit today.