Share some Christmas cheer and give the gift of gold

It’s the silly season once again. It’s a season for giving, for celebrating life and for remembering those of us who are less fortunate. You will be seeing big white bearded men ho-ho-ho-ing and holding out donation puts and cups for various causes and charities. There are many traditions that surround Christmas and one of the oldest traditions is that of the Salvation Army Christmas Kettle donation drive. This is a campaign that is held almost the world over or at least in countries that the Salvation Army has branched to. Besides the guy in the Santa suit, ringing a bell and waving a red pot or kettle, there are also carolers who sing to inspire people walking by to put some cash in the donation kettle. 

This red kettle tradition was started in San Francisco in 1891 by a Captain Joseph McFee who decided to offer Christmas dinner to the poor. Legend has it that McFee was inspired by a large pot he saw in Liverpool, England when he was a sailor. The pot was called SimpSon’s Pot and was passersby would throw in cash as a donation for the needy. McFee took the idea home and convinced San Francisco city officials to let him put a crab pot at the where the Oakland Ferry docked. The idea was adopted by the Salvation Army charities across the globe.  The earliest record of someone giving away gold bullion was in 1982 in Crystal Lake, Illinois. Since then gold coins, gold jewellery and large checks have been found in these red kettles.

Things might be a little tough for most people this year, and there is no telling whether there will be Santas going around the neighborhood or standing outside malls soliciting charitable donations to feed the hungry. One thing is for sure: just a single one Krugerrand deposited in some pot can go a long way in helping families who might be really in need. If you are wondering what one can get for a single gold bullion coin from gold dealers Brisbane. Here’s a simple illustration: 

The value of a Krugerrand or any gold bullion coin for that matter depends on its gold content and premium. Krugerrands come in different sizes so they have different premiums. You would also factor the condition of the coin into the equation and of course circulation.  Finding out what Krugerrands are worth. This is as easy as going on a search engine and searching “the price of Krugerrands today” and you will get a number of dealer sites with prices. Of course you can search for the price of any bullion coin and you should be able to find the information you need. Five years ago, Krugerrands traded at just $1,100 an ounce but the price has since shot up to $1941.1. That is a tidy sum that could do more than feed a family on Christmas day. There are plenty of people who might not be as open to giving as they would be because of the uncertain times we live in but you could still share a little of what you have. Find gold dealers Brisbane to sell some gold you may have and share with others who might need a helping hand. It doesn’t have to be Krugerrands but there are some notable sovereign gold coins that will always fetch a sizable amount of money