Online Poker: How You Can Surmise the Winning Step

The online poker is evolving and successful players in the long run they all have one thing in common, they keep up to date and able to adapt his game in his changes. In our section dedicated to poker strategy you can find all the articles to learn how to play poker and know every technical nuance of this game, whether you are a novice player or instead you already have experience improving your game is essential to lead to home better results.

  • Always keep an eye on this page to deepen your knowledge, get stronger and learn new winning techniques.
  • All players have tried it at least once and there are those who suffer it often, tilt in poker can be very expensive especially when playing online at multiple tables. 

Avoid tilt in poker 

Knowing it will help you prevent it and prevention is better than cure. So here are our tips for avoiding tilt in poker of qiu qiu online.


Find out if external factors are causing you to tilt

Before even launching the poker room and opening tables, there are many factors that can predispose you to tilt:

  • A difficult day at work.
  • Economic problems.
  • Bad run.
  • Quarrels with friends or girlfriend.
  • Use of alcohol or drugs.
  • Always try to play when you are fit.

When you catch a bad beat remember that this is normal and a sign that you are playing well

  • Unfortunately, bad beats are part of this game.
  • Statistically 80% is lost 1 in 5 times so it’s something you have to learn to live with.
  • If you get a bad rap and think it could lead you to tilt, sit out for about ten minutes and take a spin or stop playing all day.
  • Try to look at the positive aspect, if you are “sculled” it means that you are playing well.

 When you don’t see anything for hours, switch tables 

This is more of an issue related to live poker, online with the ability to play at multiple tables and the faster speed of the game you can always find some action. If you’ve sat down at a live poker table eager to play and can’t tie a point for hours you could be driven to tilt.

In these situations you tend to look for absurd bluffs or push too hard as soon as you see a decent spot, just because you are too bored. If you think that you may also be affected by this factor on an unconscious level, ask for a table change. Playing with new people will “refresh” you.

Disable chat if any opponent is bothering you

Harassing players don’t bother when you win but they can make you tilt after a bad beat or during a bad session.

All poker rooms offer you the possibility to block the chat of the players they give you 

Annoyance, use it to avoid tilt.

Always play with the correct bankroll

Playing out of bankroll can be exciting and fun but it can lead you to make bad decisions, or to feel too much and be more susceptible to tilt. Always play at a level that is suitable for your bankroll so that you are emotionally detached from the amounts you are playing.