Most Revolutionary Smartphone Features

One of the most important parts of our everyday lives now-a-days is our smartphones as they enable us to go about our everyday lives whether that be through networking, e-mailing, business and more. However, this hasn’t always been the case and to be honest, we would never want to go back as the convivence of smartphones is certainly beneficial to the consumers. Due to this, we thought we’d look at some of the most important smartphone features that have enables the smartphone revolution.

[Image: StayNTouch]

Smartphones have enabled multiple industries to benefit as consumers can now access the internet within seconds and the online casino business is no different. You can find a list of casinos here which are seen a new trend of the majority of their punters are using smartphones to play on their non-UK casinos and this trend is only due to become more popular.

One of the most important has been the introduction of roaming on smartphones which was first delivered through 3G, then 4G and now 5G speeds in major cities. When smartphones were first released, there was no such thing as data roaming, and you could only connect to the internet via Wi-Fi however now we are able to access the internet within seconds on our smartphones and this has only been possible due to seamless roaming. If we are honest, smartphones wouldn’t be as popular as they are today without the use of seamless roaming.

Another just as important factor that has created the smartphone revolution has been the introduction of touchscreens. We think back to the first iPhone in 2008 for the first touchscreen but it was actually on the IBM Simon back in 1992 where it was released. The way that we now digest our content on our smartphones through the use of a touchscreen is so impressive due to the advanced gesture recognitions and a life without touchscreens now seems so long ago.

And finally, the introduction of fingerprint scanners brought a whole different realm of security to smartphones as we are now only able to unlock our phones with our unique fingerprint. This was first seen working properly on the iPhone 5S back in 2011 and was revolutionary when it was brought out but was is even better now, that companies are bringing out facial recognition which improved security even more as some phones now are only able to be used through Face ID. This has worked for different areas for the phone too including locking certain apps and even paying for stuff online – seriously impressive.