Common online casino scams

Online casino scams are growing popular along with the number of Judi online. Fraud casinos use different scams to dupe the players. Some of the common online scams are listed below.

Identity Theft

The identity and data of the players are more valuable than actual money. Fraud casinos look to steal the identity of the players. They do so by setting up casino websites that appear completely professional. They will then ask you to register on their website and verify your account by providing some sensitive information. 

Once you are done with it, they will take all your information including your name, date of birth, address, and all other similar information, and sell it. This is known as identity theft. The casinos then use your identity to cause financial fraud or commit other fraud activities. This will put you at risk since your identity is used for the purpose.

Spyware and Ransomware

Hackers and fraudsters send spyware and ransomware to their targets over the internet. This is common with players who download online casinos from illegal sites or inauthentic sources. Through such scams, the fraudsters have access to your computer and all the information stored in it. This could eventually lead to identity theft and every worse in some cases. 

Scammers generally lock the computers and blackmail you by asking you for ransom in return for the key to your computer. In the end, you will fulfill their demands as you have sensitive information which you cannot afford to lose.

Blatant Theft

Fraud casinos have professional websites which may seem genuine from outside. Such websites offer good rewards and ask you to sign up on their website and make a deposit of some minimum amount. Later on, when you return to the website, you find that you are not able to login to your account despite filling in the right information. You try to contact customer support but there is no response as well. You will then realize that you have been a victim of blatant theft. Some other fraud casinos lock up your funds while you are playing the game. The casino will delay in providing you with proper information and keep on deducting fees. This generally carries until a point when you will feel frustrated and leave your money in the account, which the casino will use for themselves.


These are some common scams that many Judi online players have experienced.