Help Your Parents Stay In Their Home Longer

As our parents become older, it can become more of a challenge for them to remain in their home. However, there are steps that you can take now that can prolong their independent living. A safe bathroom is an ADA compliant bathroom, as the necessary upgrades provide necessary assistance for older individuals. These upgrades can make the difference between living at home and having to move to an assisted living facility. We all want our parents to enjoy their remaining years in comfort and safety, and providing an upgraded bathroom is one effective way to do this.

An upgraded bathroom provides several different safety features

Everyone can use a little help now and then, and as we grow older this becomes even more true. From non-skid surfaces to safety bars, an upgraded bathroom can make a huge difference in accommodating the needs of older people. Fortunately, with today’s precision-designed molded bathroom surrounds, and ADA shower system is easy to install and care for. A shower seat is another way to keep older folks safe while they shower. This chair is especially important for anyone who has balance issues or gets weak or dizzy when standing for long periods of time. If your parents are beginning to need a little extra help, make sure that you make a bathroom upgrade an important priority.

ADA upgrades can help prevent slips and falls

Recovering from injury as an older person can present a serious challenge. When you slip or fall, it can mean months in a rehab center or extended care facility. Preventing these falls is the best strategy to maintaining health and fitness in seniors. Wet tiles and tubs can become landmines for those who aren’t steady on their feet. With skid-free surfaces, your bathroom will become safer. In addition to slick surfaces, bathrooms are a hotbed of falls due to an unsteady gait. Make sure that the older folks in your life have the equipment they need to steady themselves while they are washing and using bathroom facilities.

Support bars help them get up and down safely

Rising from a sitting position is another activity that can lead to injury in the elderly. With support bars in place, transitioning from a seated position to standing can be safer. These bars provide the assistance that many people need as their mobility decreases with age.

Now is the time to install an ADA compliant bathroom and help your parents live independently at home. With these upgrades, their bathroom will no longer be the scene of potential harm and injury. Take the opportunity and make these simple modifications and give your parents the gift of more years at home.