Explore the Culinary and Cultural Life of Austin to Know its Greatness

Austin, the capital of Texas, is the eleventh densely populated city in the US. It is not only known for its history, but also for Texas cuisine. One of the famous food items is Texas barbecue. Compared to other cities, Austin has second maximum amount of food trucks on streets. Therefore, it is not only about sightseeing, but tourists should also ask their guide to take them for Austin Food Tour 

Here is the list of some delicacies –

  • Polenta fires are mozzarella sticks which are fried to make it creamy and crispy.
  • Squash sandwich is filled with vegetables and mozzarella cheese which is served with homemade pickle.
  • Try delicious Churros dessert at food trucks on streets to end the day with a pleasant and vibrant taste.
  • Different flavors of ice cream can also be tasted on street which is made of goat cheese, honey and thyme. This combination gives it a sweet and tangy taste.
  • Sapporo Ramen is a perfect combination of noodles with veggies, butter and pork. To customize your broth you need to visit Michi restaurant.
  • Freshly made pretzel with beer and cheese is the best thing on streets.
  • Chicken kebab with lots of onions and mayonnaise is best for a quick bite.
  • Lobster roll which has lobster’s meat inside the dough and fried in butter is served with thin, string like crispy fries. The perfect soft and crispy combination makes your mouth water.
  • Afternoon Delight is actually a refreshing dessert which is a whole banana covered in peanut butter, chocolate and vanilla along with graham crackers and nuts.
  • Try some Mexican and Korean fusion food where they have kimchee, meats, sauces, sesame seeds, cilantro served in food.

Burgers, sandwiches, Tacos, macaroni pasta, pizzas are some delicacies that need no explanation. There are variations and innovations made on the items to make them look special and unique. The endless numbers of food trucks are sufficient to recognize the food world of Austin. Therefore, instead of wasting money on expensive restaurants, try these street foods.