Finding A Storage Solution When There Isn’t Enough

 If you’re moving to a new home or relocating your office, you will sometimes notice that there isn’t enough roomYou can’t keep all the items and furniture with you. You need to store them somewhere else. Hence, you can always opt for additional storage space for rent in Singapore. Opting for storage space and arranging and managing it is vital in optimising storage space for everything you will bring for the relocation.

Storage companies are usually your typical large warehouse with enough room for storage. You can rent these storage spaces. They all range in different sizes to accommodate your storage needs. At some point in our life, we will all need to have enough ample space to store our belongings or business assets. Here are more reasons why people are using storage units aside from storage relocation use:

  • Renovating your home and needing an additional space
  • Safe storage space for expensive equipment
  • You’re constantly in transit and in need of a place for your belongings and furniture
  • Storing solutions for your business or inventory
  • You are running out of storage space for your household items or business equipment

Storage space facilities are an excellent choice not just for moving season. But for other applications as well. Renting a storage space enables you to save more instead of working out for a new place to store your belongings.

Different Types of Storage Space for Your Storage Needs

If you’re planning to opt and rent a garage or warehouse storage in Singapore, know that there will be a difference in storage units. It can be hard to decide which one will best suit your needs. Hence, it’s crucial to first understand the options available. So, here are different types of storage space for your needs:

Locker storage

Locker storage is one of the most popular and common storage spaces. Locker storage is often small and affordable. It is why it is highly preferable for many who are seeking to store their personal belongings. Locker storage is around half the size of a household closet, which allows you to store small items. Some storage lockers have multiple doors for a single unit, while others have a single door.

Lock-up garages

If you’re looking for a storage space to store bigger items, such as furniture, a lock-up garage is your choice. Each lock-up garage unit boasts plenty of storage space, which can be ample enough for storing other valuable household furniture and appliances if you’re relocating.

Another key advantage of lock-up garages is that they are easy to access, cheap and ideal for those who are moving to a new home or place of work. However, their size may vary, and the security might be limited on the door quality.

Container storage

Container storage is those large shipping container units that measure around 160 sq ft and can be rented for storage space. For some, it can be divided into smaller units. Container storage can offer enough storage space in the same manner as a lock-up garage, except that they can be transported or picked up by a company. However, one known disadvantage of using a container for storage space is that it suffers from weather effects, which can sometimes affect the items inside—depending on the container quality.

Warehouse storage

Warehouse storage might sound like a broad type of storage these days since many of them can be found to be composed of individual rooms. The difference between warehouse storage or facility from the rest is that it is a well-managed self-storage and is an actively controlled environment via temperature. Hence, most warehouse storages are air-conditioned facilities to provide an ideal climate setting for storage units.

However, the only drawback of warehouse storage is that it is often pricier than other types of storage solutions. Nonetheless, the security, management, wide range of storage space choices, and 24-hour service make up for its premium rate.

How to Choose Self-Storage


Now that you know those types of storage spaces, it’s time to uncover how to choose what storage space for rent in Singapore should you go for. So if you’re having a hard time choosing a specific storage solution, here’s what you should do:

Consider the location of storage from your home

If you’re planning to go for a storage solution, it’s a good rule of thumb to choose the location of the storage facility. As much as possible, consider choosing excellent proximity nearest to your home to reduce the travelling time and the expenditure. Transferring your items and heavy furniture will be more convenient and easy, even when retrieving those items.

Go for more options

When investing in a local storage facility and you’re unsure what type of storage to take, it’s better to stick to the ones with more options. Later down the road should you encounter problems, you might not yet realise if you need another additional storage in a different size. Whether you’re upscaling or downscaling your storage solution needs, a single storage provider is convenient enough without spending your money on another relocation quest.

Go for well-managed storage space

A storage space that lacks any managerial figure involved has low security, lack of assistance and a less safe environment. Hence, if you’re looking for a storage provider, go for the ones with in-charged personnel supervising the storage units. You can assure that all your items are safe and sound in the knowledge that there are professional personnel—which help maintain security and safety.

If you are looking for a storage facility in Singapore, visit SelfStore for more info.