Common ATV Regular Maintenance and Shipping Errors to Avoid

ATV is more than a transportation mode, and it is your lifestyle associated with pleasure and sports. You enjoy the sense of excitement, freedom, and adrenaline rush as you drive on the road. It is also a huge investment, so needs proper maintenance for the vehicle’s longevity and performance. Skimp on routine maintenance process can turn out to be costly down the road.

Common ATV maintenance mistakes to avoid

  • Ignore fluid & filter change – Always check engine oil, before you start and top it if necessary and regularly change the oil to prolong engine life. Ignoring oil change allows grit and particles to build up, which clogs the filter. Unclean oil reaches the engine and causes damage, which leads to a decline in lifespan and expensive repairs. Change oil filters as well as air filters as recommended in the manufacturer’s manual. You also need to check different fluid levels and coolant.
  • Ignore tire pressure & bolt checks – Overtime, the bolts loosen up due to ATVs vibration. So, after each ride check every component including suspension and steering wheel. Even check the tire pressure before you start to ensure a safe ride without any flat tire issue.
  • Neglect overheating of the radiator – The radiator is designed to keep engines cool, so you need to keep it clean along with a maintained coolant level. Before every ride check the coolant level and clean debris or mud. Even look for signs of coolant getting overheated. It will release a burnt odor and its color will change. If coolant seeps with the fluid system, it turns milky.
  • Forgot to empty the fuel system before storing – Overtime, gasoline breaks down. If the tank is left for a long time, it possibly destroys the plastic used in fuel lines and carburetors. The fuel lines and fuel injector vents can get clogged, thus collapsing the fuel system. So, if you are storing the ATV for a couple of weeks add a fuel stabilizer. If you are storing it for more than a month, turn the fuel valves off and run the engine until the fuel lines, carburetors, and injectors get cleaned. No fuel remains in them.

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Common ATV shipping errors to avoid

If you are attending a rally or moving your household or purchased an ATV from another state, then you can look for an experienced auto transport company. Ship a Car, Inc. has an experience in shipping cars, motorcycles, ATVs, Classics, Sports car, etc. Just call the SAC professionals and discuss your ATV shipping needs. Common shipping mistakes to avoid are given below.

  • Avoid open transportation – Open transportation cost is significantly low, but if the distance is long then an enclosed carrier is the method to choose. The ATV structure is sensitive to outdoor elements because its engine and many other components are exposed.
  • Not preparing the ATV for shipping – It is essential to drain fluids, disconnect the battery, and remove the mirrors & handlebars to avoid spills and damages.

Shipping an ATV is better than riding because it is a time and cost-effective method, especially for a long-distance move. Besides, it is a safe and convenient way to relocate your ATV.