Migrate SQL Server to MySQL

There is no sense to compare MS SQL and MySQL. Both of database management systems can be basis for reliable, comprehensive and efficient data warehouses. The quality of database more depends on service staff experience rather than DBMS itself. Both MS SQL and MySQL have their own cons and pros. When deciding which of these database management system to use, it very depends on the particular needs. Despite this fact,many companies and organizations have migrated their databases from SQL Server to MySQL due tothe main advantages of MySQL – openness, cross-platform and tight integration to web.

Why migrate to MySQL?

This is nowadays trendthat open source software efficiently competes with commercial products. Following this approach MySQL can replace commercial database management systems such as SQL Server due to the following advantages.

Cost Effectiveness

MySQL is distributed under the General Public License in most cases. For businesses and non-commercial organizations, it means the saved expenses can be spent on development and support purposes.


MySQL offers good reliability and stability due to a worldwide group of contributors who help to debug the software. Besides, it is owned by Oracle that brings corporate standardsof high quality into the products development.


Any developer can always find out how the code is working due to direct access the source code. It enables unlimited tuning and improvingthe entire MySQL DBMS. Also, it allows port the code to new platform and update it to changing configuration ofan existing system.

Migration to MySQL

Migrationfrom MS SQL to MySQL can be complicated and requires deep knowledge of both source and destination DBMS, especially for large corporate databases. In order to avoid data loss or breaking integrity due to human factor, it is recommended to use special tools designed to simplify the database conversion procedure.

Intelligent Converters, a software company specializing in database conversion, migration and synchronization since 2001, developed sucha tools to migrate SQL Server to MySQL.The product automatesdatabase migration from SQL Server or Azure SQL to MySQL, MariaDB or Percona.Easy to use intuitive interface allows to pass through the entire process with just a few clicks of mouse button. 

The product supports all versions of Microsoft SQL Server including Azure SQL and all versions of MySQL running on Linux/Unix/Windows platforms (including such variations as MariaDB and Percona). It migrates table definitions (DDL), data, indexes, constraints and views. Stored procedures and triggers are not supported. 

Other Features

  • Option to convert SQL Server database into MySQL script file
  • Option to customize resulting table structure
  • Storesconversionsettingsintoprofile
  • Option to filter data using SELECT-queries
  • Option to sync MySQL database with SQL Server data  
  • Command line support allows to script and schedule the migration process
  • Full supportfor Unicode
  • Easy-to-use wizard-style interface
  • Unlimited 24/7 supportservice
  • 1-year subscriptionforupdates