Ballet Class in Singapore: Top 6 Qualities to Look For in an Instructor

No matter what your reason is for enrolling in a ballet studio in Singapore, having an excellent instructor is essential in ensuring that you receive a positive experience. Settling for amateur or unqualified individuals can result in accidents or feel a lack of accomplishment.

However, you might be wondering what sets an excellent instructor from the rest. How does one learn how to find the right teacher? Are there things one should look for before attending a ballet class in Singapore? Fortunately, there are qualities you should look for in an instructor that allows you to assess if they have the necessary traits to make each session fun and rewarding.

Continue reading this article if you want to know more about these six qualities to look for in a ballet instructor.

Ballet Class in Singapore: Top 6 Qualities to Look For in an Instructor

1. They Enforce Positive Relationships

During your ballet fitness class, one of the first things an instructor would start doing is to develop a positive relationship with their students. They will attempt to bridge the gap between the teacher and the learner. After all, it is through this method that trust begins.

Additionally, they would also try to foster friendship between their students as camaraderie is crucial in making the experience fun and memorable.

2. They’re Passionate

One of the clearest signs of an excellent instructor is they are passionate about what they do. In this case, they should have indicative qualities, such as their interest in ballet and determination to make learning fun. Additionally, they should be able to maintain the positive energy to inspire students to persevere in the presence of overwhelming challenges.

3. They Know How to Teach

Besides passion, an instructor should also have the necessary training to teach in ballet based workout classes. There is a difference between performing and teaching. While a teacher can be an excellent performer, it would indicate that they received the necessary education to ensure students like you get high-quality and proper safety instructions.

4. They Maintain Professional Boundaries

While fostering a positive relationship with their students can help improve the overall quality of their dance fitness classes in Singapore, it is critical to remember that there has to be some professionalism between instructors and learners. They should be following rules and regulations to ensure everyone feels comfortable and safe during class.

5. They’re Always Ready

Another clear indication of an excellent instructor is they are always ready for class. Generally speaking, it is an expectation that everyone should be prepared to tackle the lessons. Otherwise, it can be difficult to expect the session to be fruitful without dealing with hindrances. Additionally, it ensures that everything will proceed smoothly. Idle time won’t be as frequent since instructors know how their ballet class should flow from one lesson to the next.

6. They’re Incredibly Patient

Since a ballet class in Singapore won’t always proceed smoothly, it is critical that an instructor possesses an incredible amount of patience. It is inevitable that there will be challenging students. Whether they are having difficulty with a lesson or are behaving irrationally, an excellent teacher will attempt to seek solutions to overcome these setbacks without losing her temper.

4 Red Flags to Watch Out For in a Ballet Instructor


Now that you know the qualities you need to look for in an instructor, it is time to be aware of what you need to avoid when attending a ballet dancer workout class. Continue reading this article to learn more about these four red flags to watch out for in a teacher.

1. They Don’t Know Basic Safety Rules

Ensuring the safety of their students is one of the primary responsibilities of an instructor. If you are experiencing pain during your ballet fitness class, you might be doing something wrong while executing a dance move. Generally speaking, they should be able to notice your mistake and correct you to avoid injuries. However, consider looking for another ballet studio in Singapore if they don’t notice your bad form.

2. They’re Never Wrong

It is never a good idea to continue working with someone who cannot accept when they are wrong. While it is admirable when someone fights for something they believe in, it becomes a toxic quality when they refuse to admit defeat despite the clear signs suggesting they aren’t right.

If your instructor refuses to listen to reason when they make a mistake during a ballet class in Singapore, consider switching to a different studio as you are more likely to develop better in the hands of someone open to corrections or criticisms.

3. They Embarrass Students to Make a Point

Correcting students is necessary for a ballet fitness class, especially if others will benefit from it. However, it shouldn’t come at the expense of someone. If an instructor forces an individual to perform or show others their mistakes, you may want to consider looking for a different ballet studio.

4. They Don’t Know How to Criticise Properly

In addition to correcting students, instructors should be capable of providing constructive criticisms. If you notice that they aren’t providing helpful feedback and resort to personal attacks, you won’t grow as an individual. Therefore, switch to a different ballet studio.



People attend a ballet class in Singapore for several reasons. Some individuals see it as a fun activity, others regard it as a healthy exercise, and some would like to improve areas such as coordination, balance, and concentration. No matter what yours is, it is crucial that you know these six traits that make an excellent instructor. Here is a recap of what they are, including the four red flags you need to avoid.

First on the list is their initiative to develop a positive relationship with their students.

Second, they should be passionate about imparting their knowledge and enthusiasm.

Third, they should have the necessary training to teach a ballet class in Singapore.

Fourth, they should maintain a professional atmosphere during class.

Fifth, they should always be ready to teach their students.

Sixth, they should possess an incredible amount of patience.

On the other hand, the first red flag of a bad instructor is their lack of awareness regarding safety.

Next, switch to a different instructor if they cannot accept when they are wrong.

Lastly, they should be aware that embarrassing students to make a point is not effective. Additionally, they should be capable of providing constructive criticism.

If you still need a ballet studio in Singapore, visit to begin your journey in understanding this historical practice.