Are You Eligible For Infant Care And Child Care Subsidy?

Raising a child is not easy, and it’s not in any way cheap. There are no tips and tricks to make sure your child gets the education and healthy well-being they deserve. While some parents may be fortunate enough to receive assistance from relatives, most parents must pay for child care on top of their regular living costs.

In this case, child care subsidy is a government effort to raise the employment rate of parents while also securing a child’s future. They are available to assist and cover child-related expenses while they are under 16. For those of you who are considering expanding your family, which subsidies are you eligible for?

As you look for a kindergarten in Ang Mo Kio or other parts of Singapore to enrol your child, learn what your subsidy covers.

Who Is Eligible For Infant Care or Child Care Subsidy?

Families must earn less than the income eligibility limitations to be eligible for child care or infant care subsidy, and children must be below 13. This subsidy is available to families with a gross income of $12,000 per capita income of $3,000 or less.

You must apply through your child’s preschool or kindergarten in nearby locations like Jurong or Punggol. You will be required to provide any pertinent supporting documentation, which they will send to the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA).

As soon as you have registered the birth or the child has moved in with you, you are eligible to apply for child benefit. There is a maximum backdating of three months and a maximum processing time of 16 weeks.

It will assist parents in understanding that it’s ideal for saving for the expenditures associated with having and rearing children. It’s beneficial as it increases the availability of child care, improves incomes and allows parents to work.

What Does Basic Infant Care and Child Care Subsidy Include?


All Singaporean parents with children are eligible for the basic infant and child care subsidy. For a full-time, it provides up to $600 for infant care (2-18 months old) and up to $300 for child care (18 months to 6 years old) for a parent who is employed.

Unemployed parents can also receive $150; the only condition is enrollment in an ECDA-licensed child care facility like a kindergarten in Ang Mo Kio or other parts of Singapore. Subsidy rates depend on the work situation and programme type of the applicant. Half-day child care typically cuts into half except for non-employed parents.

What is Additional Subsidy?

In general, the additional infant and child care subsidy is made to help lower-income families who need assistance. This subsidy makes pre-school costs affordable for low-income parents as they can work without stressing how their child will be able to study and be taken care of.

It is because enrolling in a nearby kindergarten in Punggol or Jurong typically ranges from $700 to $1,300for Singaporeans. If you are eligible for this, there is a maximum of $710 for infant care and $467 for child care.

There are four requirements that you must meet:

  1. A parent must work at least 56 hours per month
  2. Gross monthly household income less than $12,000 or per capita income less than $3,000 for bigger families (before CPF deduction)
  3. The child has Singaporean citizenship.
  4. Enrolled at an ECDA-accredited baby care/childcare facility in Singapore.

How Does Special Approval Work?

With specific approval, it is possible to give further subsidy support. It is granted on an individual basis and requires accompanying documentation. Aside from the $150 you may receive from basic child care or infant care subsidy, you may request additional assistance for a limited time.

It applies to job hunting, attending classes, pregnant people, people incapable of working, and caring for relatives and non-parental caregivers.

What Do Kindergarten and Preschool Include?




When you look for a kindergarten in Ang Mo Kio or other Singapore centres, subsidies also apply.

The Kindergarten Fee Assistance Scheme (KiFAS) is available to Singaporean children enrolled in an Anchor Operator or MOE Kindergarten whose family’s gross monthly salary is $12,000 or less. Your maximum income should be $6,000 per family or $1,500 per individual.

On the other hand, KiFAS Start-Up Grant (SUG) works as extra financial support as your kid enters kindergarten. A maximum income of $1,900 per household or $650 per person.

Edusave Contribution

At seven, your child will be eligible for Edusave contributions. Currently, each primary student receives $230 per year, while secondary students receive $290 per year. Your child can also use the Edusave account to pay for authorised school fees and education programs.

How to Find The Right Infant and Child Care Centres?


1. Learn about their philosophy

Choosing a kindergarten in Ang Mo Kio or other Singapore centres with fundamental beliefs that align with your own will ensure that you and your child’s kindergarten teachers have the same approach.

2. Look for motivated and inspired educators

Besides you, the teachers with whom your child interacts will have the greatest impact on their development. If you desire an environment in which kids are challenged to learn artistically, you should seek out professors who also think out of the box.

If you are near kindergarten locations like in Jurong or Punggol, you may consider stepping in for a short time.

3. Consider your current setup

Before selecting a school, visualise the practical implications of enrolling your child there. How does the commute to work appear? Look for a location like a kindergarten centre in Punggol or Jurong that can accommodate you.

Another factor is if you apply for infant care or child care subsidy, can you be able to pay for the remaining expenses? Your kindergarten choice should assist youngsters in attaining the education they deserve without placing an extra burden. They should be able to provide numerous options for family assistance.

4. Hear out other parents

Take advantage of the opportunity to speak with parents who have chosen the school you are considering. Ask them what prompted their decision and what they think of the school now that their child is enrolled.

Allow your youngster to embark on an engaging journey!

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