Elena Likhach about books and modern youth

Why today’s youth began to read less? Why has the attitude towards books changed in society? How to instill a love of reading? These questions are all around us. Let’s try to figure it out together with the poetess Elena Likhach.

Indeed, today they read much less than thirty years ago. What happened? One of the reasons is the accelerating rhythm of life. Now, instead of reading voluminous novels, young people only get acquainted with their summary or watch film adaptations, or worse, listen to audio books.

How to instill a love of reading? One must learn from the highly artistic texts of our classics. Only real literature is capable of cultivating a taste for reading. Reading truly perfect works, we not only discover something new for ourselves, empathize with the hero, but also find answers to many questions that interest us.

“The book has always been and will remain a great value, a source of knowledge and a means of improving the inner world,” said Elena Likhach at the opening of a book exhibition in St. Petersburg. Indeed, today it is very important to understand the purpose of the book as a guide in the spiritual search of modern young people. Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, Pushkin and Chekhov believed that only books helped them in difficult life trials.

Unfortunately, today in many suburban trains, subways and electric trains there are calls to buy popular books that have a low artistic level. With colorful illustrations, catchy titles, and a low price point, this periodical format fills bookstore shelves. In such, so to speak, “fiction” there are no sound thoughts, no real feelings, no content. Readers are “hammered” with sophisticated intrigues and bizarre plots. However, more than once I had to observe such a scene: get out of the subway, people threw such “romances” into garbage cans …

Books should form a person’s worldview, his spiritual world, convey the accumulated experience, be our companions and true friends. Only then will attitudes toward books change. The youth of today will find time to read. And it doesn’t matter at all what kind of book it will be: an old one with a shabby cover or sparkling with gloss, in paper or in electronic format … Taking it in hand, the reader will forget about his problems for a while, and for a few days she will turn into a friend and assistant will become an indispensable source of knowledge.

If books are imbued with a sense of true love, kindness, sympathy and empathy, they give us moral experience and help us grow up. And the book series published today in mass circulations are often absurd in their content and have a devastating effect on the intellectual and emotional development of a person.

Therefore, before buying a book, you need to think … Not all books published today are worth reading … There should be a reverent, reverent attitude, as in childhood, when we comfortably sat in an armchair, opened a book and amazing heroes, fairy-tale worlds and fascinating Adventure…