Why Should You Get a Baby Gift Hamper for a New Mum?


Shopping for new or soon-to-be new mothers is not the easy task that many envision. Having children is challenging, so gifts are the perfect way to help them out. Many people rely on gifts to complete their baby supplies and fulfil their baby’s needs. Though parents are still responsible for most of the items their child needs, gifts are a great way to support the parents in rearing their children. Have you ever thought about getting a baby gift set in Singapore to help them with their child?

Some come prepackaged and ready to go, but if you want to show your love to the happy couple and sincerely with them well, you might want to construct your gift set yourself. Nothing feels better than creating a custom bundle the new mother will love. You can include some necessities in the kit like toys, games, pacifiers, and other childhood needs.

Before you consider these items, however, there are other things you can consider tossing into your gift set. A baby hamper is one of the items that many new mums look forward to receiving. Let us learn more about the hamper and why we need them.

What is a baby hamper?

When we think about hampers, we usually picture one classic design: A huge basket with a hinged or removable lid, used for storing food, cutlery, laundry, and more. But baby hampers are different. Baby hampers look like traditional baskets that can store all sorts of baby necessities, such as bath towels, baby thermometers, and bath gowns. A baby gift hamper is a perfect place to put your gift set.

Not only will the giver be able to put the rest of the gifts inside, but hampers are also reusable for mothers. Here are only a few reasons to get your new baby hamper from stores now.

1) Storing items has never been so easy.

The hamper makes organising items much easier for many mums with no dedicated spaces for their young one’s belongings. Its reusable and easy-to-carry nature makes retrieving items extra accessible for others. Its lid design makes it more child-proof and safer for people to use. Keep your baby supplies out of reach of children while storing items easily.

2) They can pair well with almost every type of gift you can think of

With baby hampers, you can find versatile gifts that pair well with almost all gift types you can imagine. Some have paired baby hampers with baby clothes and accessories. You can even find grooming and cosmetics products in baby hampers. If you are building a baby gift set, then a hamper might be a must-have.

3) You can find them at different price points.

A high-quality baby hamper might not be what the mum needs, and you may not afford to splurge on such a gift. The next best solution is to find a cheap baby hamper the mother will still enjoy immensely. You can easily find hampers of different sizes at different price points all over the internet and in Singapore. You need to find some serious bargains for your hampers. Because hampers come at different prices, you may need to assess the hamper materials and quality. Scrutinise extremely cheap hampers before you buy them.

4) Hampers vary in appearance

The best thing about baby hampers is that hampers can vary in appearance and style. Some aesthetic mums may turn their noses at overly designed hampers, but you can get minimalistic ones if you want. Others may also find cutely designed hampers for mums who prefer to match the aesthetic of their child’s room.

5) Hampers are extremely useful and practical

Think about how we use hampers and what purpose they serve. Firstly, they are great at presenting items from a baby gift set in Singapore. The hamper will still be useful even after the mother uses up all the items in the baby gift set. They can organise and store baby items, making for quick and easy retrieval. You would not even need to wrap your gifts inside— you only need to secure your hamper.

6) You can find a safe gift to give with the hamper

We consider hampers as generally safe gifts to give to new mothers and their children. While toys may rely on their baby’s fickle nature, and buying clothes for a growing newborn is beyond challenging, a hamper will never be outgrown or disliked by children. Hampers are generally safe to give to mothers as celebratory gifts.

7) You can find hampers designed for specific needs

Imagine what kind of hamper the mother needs. Some may need bath time hampers more, others may need storage hampers for toys, while others need basic hampers for putting their children’s laundry inside. Choose the hamper design carefully according to the mother’s needs.

How to choose the best baby hamper



Now that you know why a baby gift hamper might be essential in your gift set, you might want to be wary about choosing the hamper you buy. As discussed in earlier segments, the best baby hamper is something that suits the needs of the mum. You can narrow down the choices using this method:

  • First, choose the type of hampers the mum would need, such as a bathtime hamper.
  • Secondly, check the price points of the hampers that fall under this category.
  • Thirdly, narrow down the hampers according to affordable price points.
  • Fourthly, carefully evaluate the hampers and rank them according to quality.
  • Fifthly, narrow your options further and eliminate hampers that do not fit the quality inspection.
  • Finally, if you still have a few options, check out the hamper styles you think your receiver would like and choose the closest one.

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