6 Things To Do Before And After Undergoing The Singapore Divorce Process

Many people have imagined getting married to the person they want to be with for the rest of their lives. Even as kids, people think of having a partner and being with them until they grow old. And once you are already on that beautiful day, all the great memories you had together when you were still starting are flashing back. You think about how you started and when.

However, not all married partners experience the happy ending they have always wanted. With this, the couple chooses to go their separate ways, and the Singapore divorce process is what they will search for online.


Have you imagined your partner cheating on you? Or maybe, are any of you falling out of love? At first, you might think of making everything work, no matter the struggles. But many couples choose to file for divorce to free themselves. They check the grounds for divorce in Singapore and know where their case falls.

The process is not easy, especially if everything is still fresh and new to the couple. So to help you start moving forward, here are the things you should do before and after undergoing divorce:


Before making any moves, prepare for everything they say about you and your relationship. Some things might hurt you, especially if you know they are lies. If you think you have done everything to ensure the marriage works, you become more sensitive to what your partner would say, even in an uncontested divorce in Singapore. Saying this, preparing for the case is necessary. Start the process by doing the following:


The first thing to do is look for a divorce lawyer if you want to make every step of the Singapore divorce process correctly. They know how to handle your problems and what actions you should take. To find one you can trust, search the internet for some law firms near your place. But before getting their services, check their records on divorce cases. It can help you see if you can trust them or not.


Think of your children because they will also get affected by your decision. Take care of them, knowing they might be sensitive if they hear that you and your partner will separate ways already. Talk to them slowly and make them understand what your family is going through, considering that they will see the changes and effects soon. It could be challenging for you, but it is also the same for them.


Before filing the case, you should understand the grounds for divorce in Singapore. It is where you will base the reason for filing the divorce and the pieces of evidence you will present. Knowing them can also help you see more of the problem between you and your partner, especially its cause. To show you a guide, here are some of the reasons people file for divorce:

  • Separation
  • Adultery
  • Desertion
  • Drug Addiction
  • Alcohol Obsession

If your partner is doing any of these, you can use these to win the case. You will see numerous grounds for divorce, so distinguish where your situation belongs. Those can help you see more of the case and what you should do with it.

You also need to remember other things to ensure you will win the case, like the following:

  • Think of the conflicts.
  • Gather evidence.
  • Ask for help from your family and friends.
  • Think of the divorce cost.

Do not forget these tips because they will be your ticket to understanding your situation and what you can do to win the case.




Now that you know what you should do before the Singapore divorce process, you should also be aware of what to do after. This part is where your healing starts, and contemplate your life without your ex-partner. You can do many things for yourself without getting validation from others, especially someone close to you. Start your healing and moving on stage by doing the following:


Undergoing the Singapore divorce process is not easy. If you do not see changes in your physical health, your mental and emotional states could be affected. Protect them by getting support from your family and friends. If you want to be handled by a professional, you can also look for one. This option is for you if you are more comfortable opening up to someone you do not know.


Another way to cope is to spend time with yourself. You can read books, go on a shopping spree, cook good food, have a vacation, and more. You will not run out of options, especially if you know that no one will hinder you from doing what you want. But if you have children, think of them too. You can take them with you or trust someone who will be with them while you are away. It is better to ask a family or friend for a favour to guarantee their safety. You can also contact them anytime.


You can also shift your focus on your job. The Singapore divorce process might drain you, so ensure to look for something worthy of your time. It gives your mind the peace it needs, considering that you have gone through things that could affect your life forever. Focusing on your work makes your day productive, especially if you have workmates who do not make you feel miserable because of divorce. Learning to accept things is a good start for you to open a new chapter in your life.

Other things you can do are the following tips:

  • Take care of your children.
  • Never blame yourself.
  • Learn how to let go.
  • Think of your feelings.

Understanding what you should do before and after the divorce can help you see more of the situation, especially why it needs to happen. Worrying is valid, knowing that there are people close to you who will get affected by your decisions. But, you also need to think of yourself and know the sufferings you have gone through for how long. You should know how to cope with divorce in Singapore and the cost by visiting the website of Aspect Law Chambers.