Purchasing Arcade Machines In Singapore: 8 Tips Before Diving Into Things

 Shooting and other arcade games probably shaped your exciting childhood. Imagine the times when you fought with your sibling over who gets to shoot the monsters first or enjoy prizes from the complex because you won three consecutive races. You will also encounter people of all ages enjoying these things, such as families with their little children on weekends, teenagers who want nothing but to spend time with their peers, and even adults taking a break from their corporate lives. Nothing is more exciting than purchasing tokens and using these machines for your excitement!

The typical person might ask, aren’t malls the only clients who need arcade cabinets? Of course, there is some truth to that statement, but there is an extensive market. You will encounter hobbyists who love a particular retro game buying these machines for their bedroom or entertainment area in their homes. Another would be vacation homeowners who want to fit their rental properties with exciting things.

In this article, let us explore some tips to follow before purchasing these machines. Whether you are planning to hire an arcade machine rental company in Singapore for your entertainment business or add something thrilling to your home for children and teenagers, these notes will help you learn a thing or two before diving deep.


Are you a game enthusiast who wants to relive the glory days of retro gaming and skip the digital console for now? Or do you run a modern coffee shop and want to elevate the experience by adding two to three arcade cabinets for that hipster feel? Or a business owner who seeks to add something new to the arcade in the mall because sales are declining? In short, know why you need to purchase an arcade machine for sale in Singapore because these are not your typical consumer goods that are easy to buy. You have to have a valid reason for this!


Regardless if you have limited financial means or not, always assess your budget when purchasing serious items, such as arcade cabinetsfor your gaming hobby or the business you are running. Individuals should check their personal savings accounts and all assets to know if they can afford these things. On the other hand, businesses should follow standard procedures in procuring resources, such as consulting the finance team or the relevant departments to explore their spending power.



There are many games and arcade cabinetson the market. You can purchase an air hockey table in Singapore for two people to have a good time trying to win, a racing game for car enthusiasts and hobbyists, shooting arcade games to spice up your excitement, and cute carnival games for prizes! What you want to do is to learn your interests. It can be asking yourself what game style resonates with you or what genre matches your coffee shop.


People will be using the arcade cabinets for entertainment, and not everyone knows how to operate them properly. You will encounter people who push the buttons too hard or use the joystick without thinking about the possibility of breaking it. First, prepare manuals or pamphlets about how to use them. You can put a sign near the machine that is easy to understand or video screens to remind guests about the rules and regulations.



Not everyone is familiar with how an arcade machine rental company in Singapore works, and you have to start a consultation service to learn more. First, contact your supplier of choice. It can be a business that sells these machines as a hobby or anyone who has authority on the subject. Take note, that they should be credible and know what these machines are. Second, ask questions about ownership cost, proper layout for your business, and other related matters.


Gaming machines and arcade cabinets take up space in your home and business, and you can say they can go larger than a full-size refrigerator in your kitchen. First, feel free to furnish your space, such as doing an overhaul or deep cleaning, painting the surfaces for a brand-new feel, strategising your floor plan, and even crafting an area that matches your branding. The second tip is to plan where you intend to put the machine. For example, there should be ample room for physical games that require people to move and sufficient space between a row of arcade cabinets.



Customers cannot use their passenger cars to transport arcade cabinets or their favourite air hockey table in Singapore due to the size. As a result, one requirement when buying these things is arranging proper logistics to deliver them to your home or business. First, make sure you are familiar with the distance between the supplier and destination, and arrange insurance plans or anything that protects the quality of your machine in case things go wrong. Second, use protective plastic and other materials to avoid damage.


Arcade machines for sale in Singapore are not trivial and simple. Clients have to realise that these are financial obligations that require proper maintenance, electricity consumption, cleaning, and other things that help you maintain their quality. In short, the expenses do not stop after paying the supplier, because you have to do some things as a hobbyist or business owner. (Tip: There is no accurate breakdown of long-term ownership expenses because machines are different, but it helps to know the approximate figures.)

Arcade cabinets, such as your favourite shooting arcade games in the mall you used to frequent during childhood, are well-loved by people of all ages. Whether you are a family-oriented person who loves bonding with your children, a hobbyist with deep love and appreciation for exciting games, or someone who seeks to make weekends interesting, these machines are for everyone! Visit The Arcade People if you wish to order gaming machines or ask about their offerings.