5 Famous Bakeries to Consider in Klang Valley

Hey! If you are a dessert lover then you are lucky for being in the klang valley as with appealing tourist attractions, it offers bunch of bakeries that can address your intense hunger of desserts. No way, you never need to break the bank for it, so gear-up to treat your taste buds to quality and delicious sweets during your Malaysia’s trip. Furthermore, all the bakeries in this valley maintains high standards; thus, not only locals but also foreign visitors particularly the western ones try their tasty desserts.

Therefore, you should also gear-up to try different local desserts while exploring klang valley and also bring some of them to back home for your loved ones. True, right from milk to cream, every ingredient is fresh and pure at its bakeries, so check out the leading names in this regard below and make your trip extremely ideal.

  • Croisserie

Indeed, it is the best bakery that is visited by a large number of foreign tourists revealing its unbeatable hygiene and quality ingredients usage, so you should also visit it and try its sweets. Moreover, it is also the affordable option and during special occasions in the country, people prefer grabbing its sweets, so you must try its Paris brest, mont-blanc-danish and much more. While trying different bakeries, you can also order desserts online if you use Airasia Food and for discounts, you should acquire Airasia Food Malaysia.

  • Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie

The moment you enter it, you find a bunch of people shopping for their favourite desserts manifesting its huge popularity yet affordability otherwise it wouldn’t be full of people every time. Therefore, you should think to visit it too and diversify your dessert-eating experience without emptying your pocket. You can try scones, caramel Danish, croissant that enjoy the best sale, so gear-up to visit it.

  • Dou Dou Bake

Like other mentioned above, it also has the wide range of desserts for its valued customers and with considering the competition in the market, it also focuses on using only fresh ingredients. Yes, affordability is another attribute associated with it, so you shouldn’t think too much to explore it out and treat your taste buds to healthy and tasty desserts. Do try its cookies, croissant, orange-basil tart that have amazing taste boosting your taste buds.

  • Delifrance

You should also visit this excellent spot for the massive range of desserts liked by the individuals of every age group and with that, all the items fall into your particular budget. While exploring its menu, you find its specialities such as fruit tarts, eclairs and the savoury croissants, so try them out and get the feel of being in a heaven of sweets.

  • Flaaah

Honestly, its unique name is what that attracts most than its wide range of desserts, so you should consider it and treat your taste buds to amazing dessert picks in Malaysia. Its specialities are pain-au-chocolate, Almond croissant and Plain croissant, so try them out and you might want to take them to home too for your loved ones to eat the delicious range of desserts of Malaysia.