What You Should Know about a Whale Watching Tour

With a whale watching tour Long Beach residents and visitors can enjoy a day out on the water and see some wildlife.

You Will See Dolphins

Even on the best days, it’s just a possibility of seeing a whale. Many whale watching companies can’t specify what type of encounter it will be. You could find yourself right next to a huge marine mammal or it can just be a few puffs and you think it’s a whale. However, you will see dolphins and there can sometimes be hundreds or thousands of common dolphins that jump alongside the boat.

Bundle Up

It can be at least 10 degrees cooler and windier on the water. However, all that water can also be reflective and make it a bit warmer in the summer. It’s best to dress in layers so you can protect yourself from the sun. Also, keep in mind that depending on where you watch from, you may catch some spray from the waves, especially if you are on a smaller boat.

Going Earlier Isn’t Always Better

Earlier may not be better, unless you tend to get seasick. Winds can pick up in the afternoon so ocean waters will be calmer in the morning. As for finding whales, one time of the day isn’t better than others. Later cruises do have the advantage of setting sail with the knowledge of where earlier ones were spotted.

It’s about Migrations

Southern California is a near constant stream of activity during the winter. You can expect adults to be heading south in January and then back north in March to April with their calves in tow. During the summer months, there are blue whales. Though they are endangered, one of the most thriving populations happens to swim close to shore from June to September. Pods of orcas have also been spotted recently between November and January. Humpback whales have also been seen during the summer and as late as October.

What to Bring

Besides the appropriate clothing, you also want to bring sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen. This can protect you from the sun and glare of the water. If you have them, also bring a pair of binoculars. Whales can sometimes swim close to the boat, but it helps to have binoculars for those in the distance. Wear flat, closed toed shoes that have a rubber bottom, such as tennis shoes. If you are allowed to bring your own food and drinks, keep in mind you shouldn’t have glass. Be sure to bring a camera and use a strap so your phone or camera doesn’t go overboard.

By going on a whale watching tour Long Beach visitors can have a once in a lifetime experience to see some majestic creatures up close.