New Home Construction or a Remodel – Consider a Double Vanity

Those who are considering building a home or are in the process of a remodel of the master bathroom should consider double bathroom vanities as a part of the master bathroom. Doing so has many advantages for the homeowners. Here are a few reasons as to why choosing to do this will become an appreciated aspect of the bathroom.


One thing that any homeowner will say is there is no such thing as too much storage space. Having the extra space provided by double bathroom vanities mean homeowners can store plenty of bathroom necessities from variously sized bottles, toiletries, hand towels or in some instances, hair cutting equipment. Chances are that someone who uses the available space in the bathroom has plenty of clutter scattered into every available location and is overflowing. The additional space is greatly appreciated over time.


Speaking of time, a second sink is a real time saver. There will be a time in everyone’s life when they will run late. In the case of a bigger family, the problem can be multiplied. The additional space provided by double bathroom vanities mean more than one person can do their morning routines for the day’s activities.


Anytime more than one person resides inside of a space like a home, chances are there will be some degree of disagreement and tension. Those who are trying to make due with a single sink vanity bathroom may feel as if they are not receiving their fair share of time at the vanity. Imagine the peace and harmony that will unfold when everyone has their own space in the bathroom – this is the sort of home life many only hope for.


While the virtues of the double bathroom vanity are clear, there are some drawbacks. Do not, however, let the minor drawbacks become a bother or change a mind. The drawbacks are minor comparatively speaking when considering new construction or remodel.

The first is the increased consumption of water. The addition of a second sink will certainly incur additional water cost, but those who judiciously use good water conservation habits will find this to be minimal. In the case of remodel, the plumbing may need to be adjusted accordingly.

The size of the current bathroom needs to be taken into account as well.  A good remodeling contractor will be able to work within these parameters easily and provide the homeowner with the perfect solution. A new home construction will not incur these issues but do discuss with the general contractor of any decisions or changes that may need to be done.