What Kind of Sports betting Option You Can Have Now

The sports betting has been around the world for a very long time and has always been highly appreciated. Indeed, at the time of the Roman Empire, bettors bet on gladiatorial battles by not betting on the victory of one of the combatants, but on the fact that the latter remains alive. Sports betting today obviously present far fewer challenges, but is, fortunately, just as exciting! Today we have chosen to detail the operation of over or under bets. Thanks to our very precise explanations you will know how to use them best in the future. In the 토토 site you can have the best choice.

Anglophones can know the meaning of over or under bets thanks to their name. In fact, the terms “over” and “under” mean “more than” and “less than” the language. You will therefore understand, with this type of betting, bettors must bet on the fact that the score of an encounter will be lower or higher than a value set by the bookmakers.

There are also over or under bets on the first or second half of the games, and sometimes even quarter of an hour. The principle will remain the same as that of basic over or under bets except that bettors will have to bet on the score of a given moment of the match and no longer on that of the event ended.

How to use it ?

Over or under bets are very easy to use. For example, if you choose to bet on a football match under 2, you will win your bet if the final score of the match is 0-0, 0-1, or 1-0. However, you will lose your bet if the final score is 2 goals or more. However, if the match ends in 2-0, 0-2 or a tie of 1-1 the amount of your stake will be refunded since the result does not exceed 2 goals. You will not generate gains, but will limit losses.

  • To give you an example, a derby between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid is often a close match because of the stake. Opt for a bet “less than 3 goals in the match” on this occasion.

In order to get the most out of the over or under bet, we strongly recommend that you bet on sports with low scores. Indeed, it can be easy to guess the result of a football match, but what about basketball or volleyball matches which have very high cumulative scores, which can easily wait for more than 100 points.

Our opinion on this bet

Over or under bets can be very interesting for bettors since the odds set by bookmakers are generally very advantageous. In addition, the outcome of this kind of betting can be found with good knowledge of the match. It is therefore the perfect bet for the most careful bettors who will be able to limit their losses as much as possible thanks to the latter.