Facts about insects


Count the number of migratory insects

There is no doubt that counting the number of insects that buzz over heads seems impossible, but British researchers have completed the largest inventory of its kind ever.

Researchers say they have detected 3.5 trillion insects weighing a combined 3,200 tons per year that migrate annually over an area in south-central England with a special radar and airborne system supported by a balloon, said Jason Chapman, an insect expert at the University of Exeter who published his research in the journal Science: “High altitudes are huge, practical. These cohorts are an appearance that does not receive its share of interest within terrestrial ecosystems and is equal to the movement of plankton that enhances food chains in the oceans.”

The researchers tracked insect migration at altitudes ranging from one hundred and fifty to 1,200 meters over a period of ten years. Researchers believe that there are more insect migration operations in other locations of the world. “The numbers will be very high in most regions of the world, but we lack data to determine the total numbers,” Chapman said.

Based on biomass, insects bypass migratory birds in Britain by a large margin. Its biomass was seven times the mass of the 30 million songbirds that migrate from Britain to Africa every fall.

The study did not specify the starting points and destinations of migratory insects, but it is believed that they head south and north for many miles, sometimes over the English Channel and the North Sea. . According to Reuters.

“We cannot work without it, and the massive migration of insects mostly goes to the north in the spring and to the south in the fall, and one of the most insects that flies during the day is the louse of the plants and the wasps that attack it. While the most common large insects are large butterflies.

Ladybugs threaten an 8,000-year-old Polish forest

Inside the ancient biofiazza forest in Poland, birds sing and feed bulls while visitors roam the green area, which is also home to pigs, beavers, wild felines and beetles. The biofiazza forest, which is located on an area of 933 sq km up to the border with Belarus, is included in the list of the United Nations Educational and Scientific Organization The UNESCO World Heritage Site is currently under attack from beetles that live on fir trees.

Biofiazza and government experts say the solution is to cut more trees to save other trees. In March, the environment minister said he would agree to this solution despite its harshness, and the decision angered conservationists who have filed a complaint with the European Union, saying logging threatens environmental balance in the region. Scientists also argue that the forest, which is 8,000 years old, survived two world wars and previous beetles’ attacks. According to Reuters.

“Even if the trees die in some areas of the forest, they will be replaced in a few years – 10 to 20 years – by other trees,” said Raval Cavalizik, a researcher at the Polish Academy of Sciences. “Some locals agree with conservationists and others support forest workers, saying that conservationists The environment is attacking their livelihoods, and a delegation from UNESCO is scheduled to visit the ancient forest in the coming days to assess government plans to cut trees.

Seven new species of spider dancing discovered to attract female

A scientist in the Australian city of Sydney has discovered seven new species of brightly colored peacock spider attracting his female dancing, and Juergen Otto, with the help of his colleague David Knowles, made the latest discoveries of small insects while searching for other spiders in Western Australia in November. He gave the seven factions names in the scientific publication of Beckhamia, and Otto told Reuters Television, “It is very colorful and the colors are often like a rainbow and they do a very amazing thing, which is dancing to impress the females and impress them.” According to Reuters.

Although the videos in which the spider appears dancing are very popular on the Internet, some female peacock spiders end up gorging on the male if they do not like dances, and the discovery of the new species means that there are now 48 known types of spiders, most of which are found in southern Australia and range in size Between three and five millimeters, Otto said that the dancing spiders pose no threat to humans. “They are harmless, attractive, and colorful, they remind people of their cats. They often compare them to kittens so people really feel excited when watching them.”

A new tarantula is named after Garcia Marquez in Colombia

Named a new type of tarantula, discovered near Aracataca, the birthplace of the Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, after the Nobel Prize-winning writer for literature on what the National University of Colombia announced. Her trusts are a threat. And this tarantula is distinguished as being able to throw pirated hair, which can infect the eyes or skin of the attackers of these spiders.

Many of the female readers of the American continent enjoy this defense system. However, for these very tarantulas, which are non-aggressive spiders, this system works in direct contact only, while the pinched lint that you throw is a new type of what was stated in a statement issued by the university’s media. According to Agence France-Presse.

This type of new spider, about nine centimeters long, was found at an altitude of 2,200 meters, in the high part of the Santa Marta Mountains near Aracataca. “It belongs to a species that has not been previously documented,” said the team of Colombian and Uruguayan researchers.

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