What is Hydroponics and How to Use it?

Hydroponics was known to people still in Babylon. Now it has become incredibly popular around the world. This direction of agricultural technology not only enables the harvesting of environmentally friendly vegetables and fruits on an industrial scale, but also offers amateurs involved in the cultivation of window sills or loggias. Hippie Grow Shop Toronto is happy to tell you more about it.

Hydroponics at home are an opportunity to grow vegetables, vegetables and fruits on the table as soon as possible without traditional soil management, as well as to combat diseases and pests. When using this technology, the plant receives all the nutrients it needs to develop in the correct proportions of the solution.

How hydroponics works

Many of us grow green onion on the window sill. Winter and spring is an excellent source of nutrients needed for the human body. The technology is simple: bulbs should be placed in jars with water. This is the most primitive method, but it is also based on the principles of hydroponics. What is, on the example of a bow, is clear to all.

The language of scientists is to create the conditions for the growth of plants in irresponsible environments by regulating the amount of water in which oxygen and mineral salts are dissolved. The hydroponic method of growing homemade vegetables and herbs is becoming more and more important every year. Now every family can get the right amount of natural vitamins.

Let’s look at how hydroponics works. We have already mentioned that there is no need to use soil with this technology. It turns out that plants can grow well in water, but for this they need to be specially prepared, ie. they must be “alive”.

For the normal growth of any plant in soil or water, they need nutrients for their vital activity, which they absorb as ions in oxygen.

The gardener can only make sure that the amount of water, nutrients and oxygen is always at the optimum amount, meets the needs of the green pet, and also keeps track of the room’s temperature, humidity and ambient light.

The power of the hydroponic method

Today, few people will dispute the fact that traditional agriculture is gradually beginning to give up its position in hydroponics. It is not difficult to grow any crops at home without using the usual soil.

This method has many advantages over conventional gardening methods. Here are some of them:

The use of hydroponics at home in the cultivation of different crops allows us to avoid such labor-intensive processes as loosening the soil, eliminating weeds, combating various pests, etc.

 Large areas are not required to produce the crop. For example, to grow loggia vegetables, you do not need large containers of soil.

For growing vegetables and foliage at home, hydroponics is the best way to harvest several times the yield of small areas due to the formation of a powerful top rather than roots.

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