Avail thorough idea on how to play Chinese Poker

There are many types of poker games, which people can play on websites like situs poker online. One such game is Chinese poker, which also has many variants. One of the popular variants of this game is open-face Chinese poker. This is a game in which players do not have to use any chips. A deck of 52 cards is used for playing. Let us know some more things about this game.


The popularity of this game is growing very fast. The game was originated in Finland and then became popular in the US also. People loved to gamble at small and big stakes. The main of this game is to make three hands out of which two should be made from five cards and the last one from three cards.

How to deal?

In the standard Chinese poker, all the players get thirteen cards on the first dealing but such is not the case with open-face Chinese poker. All the players receive five cards in the beginning and they have to put them face up. After this, they get one card and they have to use them to make hands.

Rules of the game

There are three-handed tables and two to four players can play the game. The dealer button is used to show which player is a dealer. The dealer has to start dealing with the cards from the person sitting to his left. That player has to set up the card in a face-up position in any way he wants. After this, the next player has to do the same thing after receiving the cards. This task continues until all the players have received the cards and arranged them.

After this, each player gets a single card which he has to position in a way he wants. After that, each player receives one card until all the thirteen cards are completed. Players have to start making hands after they have received all the thirteen cards.

Scoring on the game

The points system is used for scoring in this game. If the game is $1, each player gets the point on this unit. Here are the rules of scoring.

  • A player receives one unit for the hands that he has won.
  • If a player wins all the hands, he gets three bonus points.
  • In case, a player has to surrender one hand, one has to give two points to each opponent.
  • In the case of a foul, the player has to give six units to each player. These units are given to those players who have not made any foul.

In the case of the showdown, the players have to compare their hands.

Wrapping Up

These are the rules of open-face Chinese poker. Players have to be alert while playing from websites like situs poker online that they should not do any foul, as they have to pay a high amount for it.