What are some of the water purification filters that work?

Water purification is a big thing right now. Many people look for ways to keep their water clean. The truth is that it is important as the health hazards which can come from drinking unclean water is a lot. It can cause a nervous breakdown, cause issues with your entire systems and even give a person cancer in the process.

There are many forms of purification filters that are popular or seem to work. We would consider some of these methods to point the one which you are most likely to have a lot of success if you are using them;


You’d have probably learnt a bit about the process of distillation as early as high school. Distillation here is no different. It simply refers to the separation of various fluids through a chemical and scientific process. Once this is done, you would have two different fluid system which was mixed before. It is that easy.

While this method of purification is surely great, it does not have some setbacks. Usually, the distillation process is not completely effective when it comes to tougher materials. Hence, you would find materials such as arsenic products and fluorides which are present in water not leaving even after the distillation process. You would also find that the distillation process can be quite expensive, to say the least. So while this method does have its advantages and may seem fairly straightforward, there are some drawbacks which make it less truth worthy.

Berkey Filtration System

The USA Berkey filter systems have developed their system of filtration which is independent of others and to say it works is frankly a big understatement. Combining various methods of purification, the Berkey filtration system seems to have outdone itself. One of its remarkable features is the ion exchange process which ensures that the most important minerals are not removed in the process of filtration.

Another important thing which is available to the Berkey filter system would the ability to perform the microfiltration process. This means that with the Berkey filtration system, the ability to spot and stop microorganism would become possible. There are so many advantages when it comes to using the Berkey filtration system. USA Berkey Filters are one of the top sellers of this product. If you are interested in getting one of these in the United States, then this would be the perfect place to go.

The biggest drawbacks which come with this product would be the need to refill it manually. However, that is a small price to pay when compared to what you stand to gain.

The Reverse Osmosis

Another purification method which is almost if not as popular as the Berkey filtration system has to be the reverse osmosis. The reverse osmosis has to do with creating a solution in the water which is the intent of removing minerals that are in the water. This does the job remarkably well and would have been quite brilliant if not one small problem.

See, in water, there are also many good minerals which the body expects to take in. when the solution created removes all the minerals without discrimination, the end would turn out badly. The body would lack these minerals and the ones gotten from foodstuff taken in would remain very insufficient.

Another disadvantage when compared with the other purification methods would the expensive nature of the process. So while it could take you about $400 or less to get a very good Berkey filtration system, it would take you so much more when you are dealing with the reverse osmosis process.


The truth is that the purification process mentioned above can all do the trick. However, if you are searching for the best purification method to use, you need to research your specific conditions and choose the best filter for your family. Now is the time to make sure that your water is clean and that is all possible with the right purification method.