Useful tips on selling on social media in Dubai

Useful tips on selling on social media in Dubai

Social selling is an effective process of connecting and finding potential clients through various social media platforms. Selling on social media in Dubai seems to be a social media marketing technique but there exists a key difference in terms of scale and the way you connect with your target customers and build the relationship.

Here social selling concept implies marketing on one-to-one connections to drive maximum sales. Influencer marketing and social media marketing, both establish one-to-many communication. In marketing, the focus is given to growing the engagement of the audience and generating brand awareness.

Social selling is not about spamming strangers, rather it is a process that helps to target customers. Here, in this blog, you will come to know about some effective tips on selling on social media in Dubai.

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Social selling is basically a strategy that involves long-term relationship building with customers. It involves active listening and information gathering. With social selling, you will get the opportunity to develop relationships that may lead to a sale.

  • You must choose your channel mix

Social selling can take place on any platform but it happens mostly on LinkedIn and Twitter. These platforms are mainly public-facing and people use them for professional relationship building.

It is easier to reach a wide customer base via various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

  • Prospects on social media 

Social selling helps to generate more leads while nearly 40% reported that social selling reduces the time spent on prospecting. You can use the LinkedIn search tool in order to find people with a particular job title and help to connect with individuals that help to promote your services and products.

This is an effective marketing tool that can help to grab the attention of customers. However, make sure you post interesting and engaging content. These types of content can help to catch the attention of customers and it may end up getting potential clients.

  • Share contents for building trust and loyalty

As a seller, you have to share such contents that can build trust and loyalty. Not all buyer’s perspective is positive while they first look at a product or service. Social selling allows sellers to represent perspective solutions to the buyers in the process and thereby help them in decision-making.

  • Engage customers

Selling on social media in Dubai involves participation from the buyers’ end. You can create groups or reward systems for reviews from the customers’ end. All these things can help to grab more and more customers and increase prospective sales.

The more you engage your customers with your community on Twitter, the more potential customers you will be able to get. Once you establish a connection, you can ask to connect over the phone or via email for sending DMs.

However, on LinkedIn, the story is a bit different. Over the last few years, LinkedIn has become more special. You will get to see more content that focuses on personal branding and leadership establishment.