Establishing a real estate company in Dubai

Establishing a real estate company in Dubai

The real estate industry is one of the most lucrative branches of the economy in Dubai, as many foreign investors and citizens who move here for various reasons have to buy or rent real estate in order to operate as a company or decide for

many investors investing in real estate not by opening construction companies that require a lot of money and more complex approval procedures, but by founding real estate companies through which they can sell or rent real estate in Dubai.

If you want to start a real estate business, you should know that you must meet certain requirements that can be explained to you by our Dubai business formation agents.

Real Estate Registration Agency (RERA) – Regulatory Arm

With the aim of creating a favorable environment for investment, based on best international practices that protect the interests of all stakeholders in the real estate market, the Real Estate Regulatory Agency has created Raíces (general known as “RERA”) was founded in 2007 to create legal frameworks and mechanisms and to regulate the activities of real estate development and brokerage companies as well as apartment owners’ associations.

RERA oversees all development projects financially and technically to protect broader interests. RERA also plays an active role in overseeing compliance with applicable laws and regulations by developers, brokers, and other licensed real estate professionals and in enforcing penalties for violations, including cancellations of stalled projects.

Choosing a corporate structure for real estate in Dubai

There are several types of business forms that can be used to start real estate business in Dubai. The choice rests with the future owner and depends on the size of the company. The preferred types of structures are:

  • sole proprietorship;
  • Limited Responsibility Society;
  • civil society;

The establishment of a free zone. The usual company registration steps must be followed in order to have a functioning real estate agency in Dubai. These can be handled by our business start-up consultants in Dubai.

Special requirements for real estate brokerage companies in Dubai

The activities that can be carried out by a Dubai real estate company are:

  • Rent a property;
  • Act as the owner’s representative when selling a property;
  • consulting services;

Property management services. Authority (RERA) in the Department of Lands in Dubai. The real estate license is issued based on participation in a course, after which a registration number is assigned to the real estate agent.

A broker card will be issued for people who receive the RERA certificate and are hired by real estate companies in Dubai.

If you are interested in starting a real estate business in the emirate and need help, please contact our Dubai Business Registration Advisors.