Useful Features To Expect In A Good Poetry Website

If you are on the lookout for poetry websites online, you will come across a number of platforms. Each platform that you come across will have something unique to offer to make themselves to stand out from the rest. This could confuse you as a user. If you already know what exactly you want then you are less likely to be confused. Here are a few useful features that you should look for or expect in a good poetry website. 

To start with, the creative writing website should give you the option to read the works posted by the users. You should be able to enjoy the poetry written by other writers. Some websites allow free access and others limit access to user-posted content to paid members. 

Secondly, you should be able to leave your review, rating or feedback on the work you read. Or else, you would only be a passive user. When a platform allows you to leave your feedback, you get a chance to tell the writer how much you enjoyed their work and where they could improve. 

Thirdly, you should be able to submit your work so that you enjoy some visibility online. Aspiring writers often do not get noticed because the lion’s share of the attention is grabbed by well-established writers. So you need to make sure that at least in platforms like these, you get the deserved attention. 

Fourthly, other users should be able to leave their feedbacks and reviews on your work so that you could improve upon your own writing skills. When you receive unbiased feedback from people who love to read, the quality of your writing will improve within a short time because you get to feel the pulse of your real audience instead of just going by assumptions. 

Fifthly, there should be online poetry contests and creative writing contests that you could participate. It would be all the more better if you could find a platform that features contests with cash rewards. This will be an added bonus for someone who enjoys writing. 

Finally, all these benefits should come at a very decent membership fee so that you find it affordable. You should be allowed to participate in unlimited number of contests, post unlimited entries and get feedback and read unlimited posts by other users and leave your feedback for the fee you pay. If there are any limitations to any of these, you should make sure that you know them before you sign up so that you know what exactly you are likely to get for the fee you pay. 

Instead of rushing to sign up in some random website, take your time to review closely their features and ensure whether they have all the above features. There is no point regretting that a certain feature is missing after signing up. There are many reliable poetry websites and creative content writing contest websites and you will find them if you look for them long enough.