TSN Technology: How It Can Revolutionize The Digital World

TSN technology stands for ‘Time Sensitive Networking’ Technology. It is used to enable a deterministic approach towards real-time communication on the Ethernet. The technique through which it aims to do so is through time synchronization as well as a shared schedule between two components of the network. There are several components of a TSN network. Let’s look at them.

Components Of Tsn Technology

There are mainly five major components that are used in TSN technology. These are:

·       Central Network Controller

The CNC acts as a proxy for any network as well as the control applications that need deterministic communication. It is responsible for coming up with the schedule through which all kinds of TSN frames are to be transmitted.

·       Centralized User Configuration

CUC is used to increase communication between the end devices and the CNC. It is used to make requests to the Central Network Controller to ensure deterministic communication using specific requirements for the flow of communication. It is a highly vendor specific application.

·       End Devices

The end devices are also known as the ‘listeners and talkers’. The TSN flow has various sources and destinations. These are known as the end devices.

·       TSN Flow

It is a communication that is between the end devices and is high time specific. Each TSN flow is unique and can be identified using specific network devices. All the networking devices adhere to these time specifications.

·       Bridges

Bridges are known as TSN switches that can transmit the Ethernet framework of any TSN flow.  It does so using a specific schedule.

Benefits Of Using Tsn Technology

There are several ways through which TSN technology can help to increase industrial control. These benefits of doing so are:

·       More Security

TSN technology provides more security and is the golden standard for monitoring, measurement, and control. It uses standard Ethernet which can now use IT security measures for controlling various networks.

·       Lowering The Costs

The costs of using TSN technology are minimal. It gives it an edge over the usage of AVB.

·       Introduced Interoperability

TSN technology used standard Ethernet components which helps it to integrate all the brownfield applications with IT traffic. It can use web services and HTTP interfaces which can help in remote diagnostics and visualization.

·       Fast System Response

TSN technology is known to prioritize a low latency period for communication. Thus, it enables closed-loop applications along with a fast system for a response.

TSN technology is a favorite amongst people who are involved in the automation of the industrial sector. The business benefits of this technology are supreme and hence, it has a huge growth potential.