Top Moving Dos And Don’ts From Your Moving Company In Singapore


Moving to a new place signifies a fresh start. Are you moving out of your parents’ house? Congrats on your independence. Are you relocating your office? Hooray for new opportunities! Moving is indeed exciting and nerve-wracking, but it can also be dreadful, especially when packing your stuff and transporting them. Thanks to cheap movers in Singapore, the experience is not as terrible as it appears to be.

This article will discuss the things that could ease or make the moving experience more dreadful.

Moving And Relocating Dos and Don’ts

How many times do people move home from place to place? Some stay in one city for five years, while others still live in the same neighbourhood where they were born.

The lack of experience makes moving stressful, but if you prepare well, you can overcome this stage with fewer wrinkles and fine lines on your face. It is a bonus if you find a reliable movers company in Singapore.

Part of the preparation is knowing the relocating dos and don’ts.

DO start early.

People need to understand that moving will never be 100% stress-free. There would be issues that would arise during the packing and transporting, and these problems could severely get you behind your schedule.

If you are planning to move at the end of the month, start planning before that month begins. Get the supplies you need, book a moving company in Singapore, call friends and family who can help you pack, file leaves at your office, and prepare the place you are moving to.

In case of a major relocation, such as offices and businesses, more than a month-long preparation and consultation with employees and office movers in Singapore can help.

DON’T forget your checklist.

The fewer boxes you bring, the more efficient your move will be. But how will you reduce all your stuff? Make a checklist!

Make an inventory list of your belongings and choose which of them you would bring to your new place, and cross out the things you don’t need.

Pro-tip! Are you planning to bring your decade-old and threadbare rug? Why not just get rid of it and buy a new one from one of the stores in your new neighbourhood! Not only will it reduce your baggage, but you would also have the chance to give a new place a fresh look!

But what will happen to the things that did not make your list? Firstly, you can donate your still good books and clothes to charities.

Secondly, you can sell them online or erect a garage sale.

Thirdly, you can put your old furniture in your rented storage unit.

Lastly, call a disposal and waste management service to get them recycled or disposed of.

Many offices and companies choose to sell their old chairs and tables instead of hauling them into the truck of their office relocation service in Singapore.

DO buy and prepare all your supplies.

Many home and office movers in Singapore offer full service, meaning they would provide packing supplies, will pack for you, transport all your stuff, and may even help you unpack. However, this service can be expensive, so some people do the packing themselves.

Creating a checklist of the belongings you would bring is helpful when buying packing supplies because it gives you an estimate of how many boxes, tapes, and bubble wraps you will need.

Here are the things you may need when packing:

  • Boxes (different sizes)
  • Tape
  • Plastic bags
  • Newspaper, bubble wraps, and air-filled padding
  • Permanent marker
  • Fragile stickers
  • Scissors

DON’T place all the things in one box.

Placing various things in one box is a bad idea. It is more organised to start packing by room. For example, start with the bedroom on the first day. Put in one box all bedroom items, then label the box according to the room.

It is much better if you could list all the items in the box on a piece of paper and then stick it on the box once you seal the carton. Do not put kitchenware or bathroom essentials with your bathroom stuff. Mark the boxes with fragile warnings if they contain glassware or anything breakable.

Unpacking and searching for particular items if the boxes are labelled according to the categories.

Pro-tip! As much as possible, avoid packing food. Besides the fact that you can buy them at the supermarket in your new neighbourhood, food and beverages can spill inside the box if not sealed properly.

Ask your moving company in Singapore if they allow transporting food because some companies can be strict concerning food.


DO disassemble your furniture.

If you have furniture that can be disassembled, do it when packing. Your furniture can fit in a box with protection if you dismantle the fitting, piece by piece. You can also free up space in the truck if you do so.

Remove the bulbs from your lamp or any lighting fixtures to prevent them from shattering during transportation.

DON’T mix your valuable items with your home belongings.

Never load your valuable items, such as gadgets, cash, jewellery, and artwork on the truck of your moving company in Singapore. Some companies forbid valuable items, while others offer insurance in case these items get stolen or damaged.

Nevertheless, it is safer if you will transport these items yourself.

DO ask if you can transport your plants beforehand.

Relocating your plants can be crucial. Depending on your new city, some neighbourhoods don’t allow people to bring plants into the town.

The reasons are these foreign plants may be invasive and eradicate the local species in the area. These plants may also bring pests and diseases to the local plants.

Many cheap movers in Singapore don’t allow transporting plants because they can be liable when the plants die during transit.

Let’s Get Movin’!

Knowing the basic dos and don’ts of moving and relocating helps you prepare for stressful unforeseen issues of moving into a new place!

Your home and office relocation service in Singapore will appreciate it if you keep these tips in mind. So what are you waiting for? It is time to get moving!

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