Top 5 Things to Prepare Your HVAC for Fall

The sun is setting a bit earlier every day and rising a little later. Signs that fall is just around the corner. As you shift from air conditioning to heat, there are five ways to prepare your HVAC system for the fall. Continue reading and learn more about the steps to take.

  1.   Clear Around Outdoor Units

Through the summer with all the plantings that grew and into the fall with the leaves cascading from the trees, there is now debris in and around your air conditioning unit. It is important to prune the branches of any bushes that are near your unit. Pull up and replant elsewhere flowers that have grown next to your equipment. Check the interior of the outside unit and remove any fallen debris.

If you see any damage, learn more about what should be done by calling your HVAC technician.

  1.   Reduce Strain on Equipment

Air leaks around your windows, doors, and vents cause your HVAC unit to expend more energy than necessary. Leaks that let in hot air in the summer and cold air in the winter cause you to spend more on your energy bills and strain your equipment. To prepare for the fall, replace weather stripping to ensure you have tight seals throughout your house.

If some rooms feel hotter or cooler than others, learn more from your HVAC company about checking your air ducts for leaks.

  1.   Check Thermostats

If you have programmable thermostats, take the time to check your settings. The range of daily temperatures in the fall is often greater than in the summer. Take into account the variations in temperatures and reset your thermostat.

If you do not have a newer model thermostat, prepare for fall by learning more from your HVAC technician about installing a programmable model.

  1.   Change Filters

The air in our houses looks clean to our eyes; and it is if your air filters are capturing and removing the impurities in the air. This provides cleaner air for you to breathe inside your home. However, the filters, if they are not changed, become clogged. Dirty air filters can cause HVAC system issues along with impure air. Your filters should be changed regularly, and as you prepare for the fall, add this to your list.

Learn more from your HVAC technician about the frequency of changing your air filter throughout the winter.

  1.   Clean Vents and Ducts

Another step in preparing your HVAC system for the fall is checking your air ducts and vents. Make sure that the vents are not blocked by furniture. Then vacuum the vent covers, or you can take them off and wipe each one clean. When the cover is removed, look into the ducts and check that there are not any obstacles to the air flow. These steps will help your HVAC system cool and heat your house more efficiently.


Learn more about routine maintenance that you should schedule for your HVAC system.