How Small Businesses Pick A Charity Organisation To Support In Singapore


Corporate social responsibility is a practice where private organisations and companies give back to the community through various ways, such as donation, tree planting, sponsorship programmes, and crowdfunding in Singapore.

But why do these companies have to give back to the community? Apart from it being morally reasonable to do so since the companies benefit from the community and the environment, it also boosts their image.

Customers tend to patronise a business that relentlessly helps and supports communities. It is a great marketing tool because it both benefits the company and the community.

The act of giving and helping boosts employees’ morale as well. For example, involving the employees in tree planting and ocean cleaning takes them out of their office and introduces them to the new environment. The activity brings a self of fulfilment and joy to the staff. It is also a great way to bond outside the workspace.

Fiscal rewards are also the motivation of companies to launch CSR programmes. Companies can save money from a tax deductible donation in Singapore.

How Small Businesses Pick A Charity Organisation To Support In Singapore

Small businesses can also have a CSR activity of their own even if they can’t afford to launch programmes as big as giant companies do. What small businesses do is partner up with acharity organisation in Singapore.

In partnerships, the business can fund the CSR program in Singapore while the organisation can do the work. But the challenge for small businesses is finding the appropriate charity organisation.

Here are some tips on how to pick the right charity organisation:

1. Have a personal connection

It is easier to devote 100% of your time, energy, and money to advocate for something you have a personal connection with.

Business owners with differently abled relatives launch a CSR program in Singapore that supports people with disabilities. Some hire blind, deaf, or people with Down syndrome as their staff to provide a livelihood. Other businesses sponsor hearing aids for people with hearing impairment.

A personal connection can be based on experience as well. For example, business owners who were victims of domestic violence now provide women who are victims, too, with livelihood. Others sponsor psychiatric treatment for the victims.

It is easier to be engaged and have a flaming desire to help others if you have a personal connection to the things you are advocating for.

2. Transparency

It is inevitable for businesses to find some bogus charities that are only after the donation but not working for the cause. Small entrepreneurs can avoid these charities by running background checks.

The top priority is transparency. How does the charity spend and use a tax deductible donation in Singapore? Does it go to the rightful recipient? Is it spent well? Charities typically release reports and present them to the partner business for transparency.

The next thing businesses should consider is the accomplishments of the projects. It is not all about how big the projects are or how many people they helped, but rather the impact of the activity. For example, supporting a well-off or frequently visited orphanage is good. But it is much more impactful if the project helped less privileged kids in the most remote area in the country. Kids that are rarely helped by other organisations.

3. Alignment with the business’s values and ideologies

It is critical to find a charity organisation in Singaporethat also upholds your values and ideologies.

Yes, your chosen organisation is helping those communities that are close to your heart, people with disabilities, for example, but the way the organisation treats its volunteers or staff does not sit with you; it is time to let go of the charity.

It is much better if you would raise your concern to the charity about the treatment of its volunteers, especially if you value the well-being of your employees in your own small business.

4. Utilise your strengths


CSR programmes are not only about monetary donations. You can offer your other resources to help a charity.

For example, if your small business that sells earrings has a large social media following, you can launch crowdfunding in Singapore. You can sell earrings where the proceeds go to charity.

If your small business sells medical equipment, you can donate wheelchairs to nursing homes or partner up with a hospital and conduct a medical mission in remote areas.

If you have a logistics company, you can lend a charity organisation in Singapore your trucks and cars that will deliver relief and food packages to people devastated by strong typhoons, flooding, earthquakes, or wildfires.

5. Team’s support

Besides the personal connection of the owner to the advocacy, their staff should have 100% commitment, too! After all, all-out support is better than partial support.

You can ask for the insights of your staff. Which community do they like to help? How they want to help that community. It can help you determine which charity organisation to support in Singapore.

There are situations where the staff have other things in mind. For example, if they want to help a co-worker or colleague who had just been widowed or a house fire victim, it is better to give them your 100% support.

It demonstrates loyalty and commitment to your staff. It also boosts the morale of your employees.

6. The customer base’s support

It is important to remember that customers have advocacies, too. And sometimes it becomes a hindrance for many companies.

For example, some businesses support advocacy that is the opposite of their consumer’s values. In this situation, some consumers stop patronising the business. As mentioned, a CSR program in Singapore is also a marketing tool. This customer’s withdrawal of support will reflect badly on the brand.

But it is fortunate if the customers rally behind the business’s advocacy, meaning they support their programmes. They would likely remain loyal to the brand and even broadcast it on social media, giving a free marketing campaign.

It will be advantageous to determine the advocacy of your customer.


Always remember, no help is too big or small. By considering these factors, small businesses can determine which charity organisation in Singapore to support.

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