Tips for Using a Grocery Delivery Service in New York

The first time with anything can be a little scary and confusing. You reach the point where you must give it a try. You have been working late every night this week and the refrigerator is finally empty. Perhaps your child mentioned at breakfast a promise of fifty cupcakes by tomorrow. Maybe you don’t feel like walking through a store for an hour after a long shift.

Whatever the reason, you finally decide to use grocery delivery service New York style. Below are some tips for preparing for that first delivery.


1) Consider the time of delivery. Remember that your delivery person will have a schedule as busy as yours. Make sure to pick a time when you know you can be home. A missed appointment can be a hassle for all sides. Your delivery person now has a van full of food and an empty house. You are sitting in traffic wondering if they will wait or if you are having stale crackers for dinner.


2) Make sure you get everything you need. Grocery delivery is most convenient if you get everything you need the first time. Consider doing a room to room sweep for any items that need to be replaced. Think through your daily routines and plan out all meals in advance. Write down every recipe ingredient and routine necessity. Like shopping in real life, you can be more effective at ordering online when you have your list ready. If you live with others, make sure you secure their needed items as well.


3) Be aware that some items cannot be purchased online. Some stores will not deliver certain items purchased online. Items such as cigarettes and alcohol are legally restricted by age. As such, some stores or local governments restrict the online delivery of such items. Other items such as cold medicines may also be restricted due to regulations related to drug use. Be prepared to find other means of acquiring these items.


4) Understand that some items will need substitutions. Store staff will be forced to make substitutions for items that are not in stock. You may receive a different brand name or two containers of a smaller size. Staff will make a judgment call and attempt to fulfill your order. Some online stores offer space for special instructions. If you have specific requirements related to brand and size, consider leaving those in the comment field.


As with many things in life, preparation is key. Save time and stress with grocery delivery service New York style!