Give Your Child at Home Perfect Toilet Training

‘’Cleanliness is next to healthiness’’.

Washroom, loo or toilet whichever you prefer to say, is one the essential part of your home. If you are talking about the toilet, it means you are talking about hygiene. Right? Keeping the toilet clean and tidy is necessary because it is not always about looking nice and sturdy but about health and hygiene.

Maintaining hygiene is essential

Only keeping house and bathrooms clean is not enough to be called as hygienic. Healthy habits must be implicated if you want to call yourself hygienic. Therefore, if you have kids in your home, then you must give them complete toilet training so that they can also maintain hygiene at home. Well, yes for toddlers and beginners, it won’t be an easy task, but once they get used to it, they will become habituated eventually.

Steps to be followed to teach your child toilet training

  1. Introduce the potty to your child

Generally, kids’ potty training starts between eighteen to thirty months. Being a parent, you must start talking about potty like what is it or why does it happen to your child occasionally on his first birthday to pique interest in him.

Or if you want to try it more excitingly then you can talk to him about the hygiene like home is not the correct place to do it as it stinks badly. Once your child understands the concept, eventually an interest in toilet training will develop in him.

  1. Choose the correct place for potty placement

Since your child is a toddler, it is undeniable that he won’t settle at one place for constant. Toddlers are more likely to dawdle around the entire house. But what about potty training then? How are you going to teach him toilet training?

As a parent, the first thing you will notice in your child is his interest. You can apply the method while teaching your child toilet training. If you can buy a portable potty stand, you can easily place it in the bedroom or playroom where he will become comfortable with presence.

  1. Read the potty signs carefully

Since your child is small and can’t speak so he can’t tell you about when he wants to pee or potty. So, it is you who has to notice the timing carefully. Now the question is, how will you understand that? Well, the best solution is every time your child gets a heavy nap or sleep makes him sit on the potty stand so that he can comfortably give a potty shot.

Outcomes of toilet training

The time of toilet training varies since your child had set his own pace. According to research, the complete initiation of potty training is twenty- seven months.

Why does initiation matter?

Yes, initiation might matter. According to research, it is concluded that the introduction of child potty training started after 24 months or later than that had a higher risk of experiencing plodding training progress and setbacks. So, it is better if you start giving your child toilet training from the very beginning to avoid the frivolity of the potty.