These Are the Most Fun Activities in Tampa, FL

If you are planning a vacation or even a move to Tampa, Florida in the near future, you are probably looking into some fun things you can do while you are there. There is certainly no shortage of exciting things to try in Tampa.

Whether you are only in the city for a weekend, or you are planning to be there permanently, you will need to know the best places to go and activities to choose for some fun in this sunny Floria city. Consider the following fun activities in Tampa to add to your list:

Visit the Florida Aquarium

Aquariums are so fun for the young and the young-at-heart. The Florida Aquarium in Tampa also has many unique things to offer that make it an exceptionally fun time. There is a section dedicated to the Florida Keys, so you can learn more about the area.

There are also exciting sections like a beach section, wetland section, and coral reef. The highlight for many are the penguins. If you purchase a “Backstage Pass” you can even see the penguins up close and personal.

Check out Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

If your idea of a fun activity involves thrill-seeking, be sure to stop by Busch Gardens Tampa Bay for a day filled with excitement and adrenaline. This Busch Gardens also has an African theme, so you can enjoy the Serengeti Safari and see over 200 species of animals.

Of course, no theme park is complete without the roller coasters and other thrill rides. You will have your pick of adventurous rides at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, including the Iron Gwazi, a hybrid coaster, which means it is part wooden coaster and part steel coaster. Roller coaster enthusiasts will get to check Iron Gwazi off their bucket lists, since it is the tallest and fastest hybrid coaster in the world!

Plan an Outing at the Henry B. Plant Museum

If your idea of fun is a little more tame than an amusement park, and you enjoy history, plan a trip to the Henry B. Plant Museum. Henry Plant was known for connecting Tampa to the railway and increasing transportation to the area in other ways to make it a thriving city.

The museum, which focuses on the turn-of-the-century and Henry Plant’s vision for the area, is housed in the Tampa Bay Hotel, which was built in 1891. You can see various period pieces, such as ceramics, paintings, sculptures, furniture, and more. If your idea of fun is learning about the history of an area, you will love the Henry B. Plant Museum.

If all of this fun doesn’t sound like it will fit into a vacation, and you love the Tampa area enough to move there, you are in luck because there are plenty of Tampa houses for rent. If you do plan a move to the city of Tampa, you can enjoy all of these fun activities, and more, on a regular basis.