How to prepare for a Margaret river cave tours?

Margaret river cave tours is a tourist attraction that features a range of tour activities including short caving tours, overnight camping and the discovery of natural wonders. Margaret River caves is located in Western Australia, roughly 60 km from Busselton. The caves are mostly contained within the Mt Eccles National Park and they were first discovered in 1906 when prospectors were searching for gold during the last century. In 1983, the cave was opened as a tourist attraction for experienced climbers and cavers. 

Here are some ways on how you can prepare for a Margaret river cave tours:

1. Appropriate Clothing

You need to wear clothes that protect your skin against the elements and absorb extra moisture. You may wear a long sleeve shirt, long pants and shoes with a thick sole. A pair of gloves will protect your hands and use of a helmet will ensure your safety. Remember that the caves are dark, wet and dirty places so you will have to take extra care when handling equipment or exploring on your own.

2. Bring the right equipment

You should bring flashlights with fresh batteries to power them. It is also important to bring a headlamp that you can clip on your forehead and keep it stable while caving inside the dark caves. Also, you should bring enough food and water to last for the whole day including a waterproof pocket knife. You should also bring a few wet wipes to clean yourself after caving.

3. Book your tour programs

Margaret river cave tours usually take place on weekends, but you can also choose to book a tour package that allows you to visit the caves on a weekday. The company will provide everything you need and guides will be available to show you the different parts of the caves. You can also arrange private tours because they are cheaper than group tours. If you want to go with a group, it is advisable that more than two people are involved in the trip.

4. Get all safety gear checked before going on a tour

Before climbing into a cave, make sure that all of your safety gears are in working order. If you don’t feel confident with your gear, than go on a lower ranked tour package or wait for dry season when it is not raining heavily over the region.

5. Pack light

The entire cave tour usually takes around two hours. This is enough time to explore the entire cave and you don’t have to carry a lot of equipment. While exploring the cave, you should be aware that parts of it can be slippery and dangerous. So, try your best to stay on track and avoid getting lost.

6. Visit the caves before the rain

The cave is located in a tropical rainforest, so it tends to get muddy and wet during rainy seasons. This can lead to the loss of equipment, so you should check the weather forecast before visiting this place. If it’s raining heavily then you will have to postpone your trip until dry season starts.


A visit to Margaret river cave tours will allow you to explore the fascinating world underneath the earth. You will have an opportunity to avoid all of the modern-day risks and enjoy the adventure. The caves are located in a tropical area and they are full of life, so it is advisable that you wear long pants, sturdy shoes, a waterproof jacket and a helmet while exploring them.