The Pros And Cons Of Eyeliner Embroidery In Singapore

If you think the 10-step Korean glass skin skincare routine is already tedious, well, you have not met the 18-step makeup tutorials yet. There are tons of products you need to apply to your face, from moisturiser and primer to eyeliners and fake eyelashes.

Speaking of eyeliner, putting on eyeliner is probably the most complicated part of applying makeup. You need to look up and roll your eyes at the back of your head, trace the edge of your lower eyelid and hope not to smudge it and become teary. You are lucky enough if you don’t poke your eyes on the first try. The most unfortunate part is you apply it every time you do your makeup!

Thankfully, you can end these eyeliner crusades every time you put makeup on through an eyeliner tattoo in Singapore.

The Pros And Cons Of Eyeliner Embroidery In Singapore

Eyeliner embroidery, also known as eyeliner tattoo, is a semi-permanent treatment that emphasises the upper lash line. Similar to 6D eyebrow embroidery, eyeliner tattoo uses a machine to inject pigments on the lash line superficially.

A person who has undergone this treatment does not have to manually draw eyeliners all the time. Depending on the aftercare, a semi-permanent eyeliner tattoo in Singapore can last up to several years.

Here are the pros and cons of eyeliner embroidery in Singapore:

PRO: Long-lasting

It is hard to draw perfect winged eyeliners for a party just to erase them as you get home. There are days when you can’t even draw the perfect one!

The good thing about eyeliner embroidery in Singapore is they last long! Like a tattoo, as the machine injects the pigment into your upper lashes, they will last up to a few years, depending on how you take care of them.

If you take care of them properly, an eyeliner tattoo can last up to three years, similar to your lips embroidery in Singapore. You don’t have to draw your cat eyeliners for three years! Moreover, it does not erase with water, so don’t worry about dancing in the rain or sobbing hard.

CON: Price

The disparity between the eyebrow embroidery price and eyeliner tattoo is not far from each other. Nevertheless, it is a barrier that hinders many from getting one.

The cost of eyeliner embroidery depends on the type of eyeliner style you will get. The complicated ones, such as cat-eye, glamorous, and panda smudge, are much more expensive than the simpler ones.

But there are advantages concerning costs as well. For example, you don’t need to buy products for your eyeliner for a few years.

PRO: Several styles

If you are not a pro at drawing different eyeliner styles, getting aneyeliner tattoo in Singapore is the answer.

Estheticians have ample eyeliner styles to choose from. The collection may have cat-eye, almond eye, thick flick, sixties mod, double flick, soft smoke, shaded eyeliner, classic eyeliner, and Winehouse.

These eyeliner styles can be complicated to draw, but your esthetician can do it for you!

CON: Trend changes

The trends in hair, makeup, and fashion change rapidly. Cat-eye eyeliner may be trending today, but it may be out of fashion tomorrow. It can be a problem since your eyeliner tattoo lasts up to three years, like your 6D eyebrow embroidery. You can’t erase them abruptly either when the fashion trend changes.

What you can do is choose a timeless eyeliner style or a basic one, which you can tweak into a different look. You can also remove your eyeliner embroidery in Singapore by seeking treatments for eyeliner removal. It may include laser removal, saline removal, and glycolic acid removal.

PRO: Waterproof


As mentioned, an eyeliner tattoo is semi-permanent, like your lips embroidery in Singapore. It will eventually fade after a few years but can’t be erased using water or makeup remover.

That said, you can shower, go swimming, or soak in the rain without worrying about racoon eyes after. You can also bawl your eyes out without black smudges around your eyes after.

In addition to these advantages, you don’t have to buy a waterproof eyeliner pencil to do these water activities!

CON: Risks

Most people think eyeliner tattoo in Singapore is painful; after all, it is a form of a tattoo. Although tattooing and eyeliner embroidery have the same process, the latter is not as painful as people think it to be. They are incredibly safe as long as you get them from a reputable esthetician.

What increases the risk of eye infection is aftercare. Applying makeup as soon as the tattooing is done and using harsh skincare products days after your treatment may irritate your newly treated lids. It could lead to infection.

Make sure to follow the aftercare instructions religiously to prevent complications. Moreover, choose a registered and reputable esthetician to ensure the entireeyeliner tattooing process is safe and clean.

PRO: It enhances the eye area

For people with thin eyelashes, eyebrows, or suffering from complete hair loss, eyeliner tattoos along with 6D eyebrow embroideryare the answer to enhance the eye area.

These procedures fill in the empty spots in the eye area semi-permanently. The person doesn’t need to fix their eyebrows and lashes every time they go outdoors. It saves them time and money from buying products and putting them on.

In addition to these advantages, it also builds the person’s confidence, as an eyeliner tattoo significantly enhances the eye area.


Have you shed so many tears after several attempts of applying eyeliner yet ended up poking your eyes or making your eye area a doodle pad? Aneyeliner tattoo in Singaporeis for you.

This quick-fix treatment eliminates the time you need to apply cat-eye eyeliners. It saves you money from buying waterproof mascara and eyeliner products.

Moreover, you get to enjoy stylish eyeliners for years! A perfect pair for your Korean glass skin.

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