Hiring A Confinement Lady In Singapore? Here’s How To Find The Best One

Becoming a mother is no easy task. From the first day of a woman’s pregnancy to her final moments on earth, she has a massive responsibility to look after her offspring. She will be on a roller coaster ride throughout her journey to motherhood, but every sleepless night and restless day will be worth experiencing from the joys they have of being a mum. They may encounter numerous challenges while fulfilling their responsibilities as a mother but can overcome them with the help of the people around them—including their trusted confinement lady in Singapore.


A confinement lady is a nanny providing newborn and mum care services to families needing them. She can be an experienced mum who has cared for her children for years, but she may also receive comprehensive training to understand everything she should and should not do to look after her clients.

As caregivers for mums and their young ones, confinement ladies provide a wide range of nanny services to help Singapore families adjust to life with a baby. They guide women through the basics and complexities of becoming mothers and give them tips on feeding, burping, bathing, clothing, and stimulating their newborns. They also help mums with their recovery after delivering their youngster. Moreover, confinement nannies can cook, clean, get groceries, and do the laundry if needed. They typically stay with their clients for a month following the baby’s birth, but some families ask for their assistance for a few weeks more.

If you are considering getting confinement nanny services in Singapore, you should keep a few things in mind to ensure you find a skilled and trustworthy caregiver. However, you should ask yourself if you need a confinement lady before hiring one to ensure you can benefit from their assistance.


   I.        Should You Hire A Confinement Nanny?

Many families residing in Lion City are unsure about getting confinement nanny services despite the numerous benefits they can experience from these solutions. They often believe that hiring a confinement lady would only cause unnecessary expenses for their household, not knowing the kind of child care assistance they can get in exchange for a couple of Singapore dollars.

If you are noticing any of the following signs, you should consider welcoming a confinement lady into your Singapore home to receive help with looking after your young one:

A. You Have Other Responsibilities At Home

Mums like you should consider hiring a confinement nanny from a reliable agency in Singapore if their hands are full with duties at home. Having an expert newborn caregiver will help you focus on looking after your older kids or ageing parents and allow you to get some rest following your delivery.

B. You Have No Experience Caring For Kids

Having limited experience with child care will not be a problem if you decide to have a kid. You can seek help from your mum, grandmother, or experts like a confinement lady. Their knowledge and experience will help you understand what you need to do and have to look after your little bundle of joy.

C. You Want An Extra Helping Hand

New mums often ask for help and advice from their mothers, aunts, and grandparents to learn to take care of their children. But what if their assistance is unavailable since they have work or live in a different part of the globe? Fortunately, nanny services in Singapore are widely available to families needing an additional helping hand at home.

D. You Want To Help Your Body Recover

Pregnancy and childbirth can take a toll on a woman’s body. It can affect your physical, emotional, and mental well-being, making you feel exhausted. If you wish to focus on your recovery, you could seek help from a confinement lady in Singapore. Aside from providing newborn care assistance, they will also help you rest and regain strength through massages and herbal baths.


II.        Tips For Hiring A Confinement Nanny

If you think you and your family could benefit from having a confinement lady, you may begin looking for an agency offering child care assistance through experienced and dependable nannies. But before hiring one, keep the following tips in mind to ensure you find the best confinement lady:

A. Learn About A Confinement Nanny’s Responsibilities

Before getting nanny services in Singapore, understand what a confinement lady can and cannot do for you. Learning about their duties as your dependable childcare helper will allow you to set realistic expectations for their services.

B. Pick Between A Stay-In And Live-Out Nanny

Mums like you can hire a stay in or out nanny in Singapore. They could live with you for more or less a month to be with you and your baby 24/7, or they could visit your home every morning and leave before nightfall.

C. Look For A Reliable Agency

The expertise of a confinement nanny depends on their agency in Singapore. If they have received appropriate training from their company, you can guarantee they have the knowledge, skills, and characteristics of an ideal confinement lady.

D. Ask For Suggestions

If a family member or friend has hired a confinement lady, ask them for a recommendation to help you find the ideal nanny. You can also inquire about their experience with their newborn caregiver to help you learn everything you can expect from confinement nanny services.

E. Consider The Cost

Hiring a stay in or live-out nanny in Singapore will cost you additional household expenses. Before seeking assistance from a confinement lady, see if you have the budget for their services.

F. Trust Your Instincts

If your guts are telling you not to hire a specific confinement lady, do not hesitate to do so and look for other nannies. Following your instincts will help protect your baby from possible dangers and ensure they receive care from a reliable caregiver.

III.        Hire The Most Reliable And Capable Confinement Nanny Today!

Confinement nanny services are a godsend to Singapore families who need assistance with their newborn care responsibilities. Nannies providing these services can help mums develop the knowledge and skills to look after their little ones while allowing themselves to recover from pregnancy and childbirth. But before hiring a confinement lady, consider the tips above to guide you to the most capable and dependable nanny.

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