Street fighting is a special part of martial arts, which is very different from Bodybuilding

The one who strikes the first wins. When there are two opponents, this rule becomes especially relevant. To survive in a street battle, you need to beat first. Do not look for nobility in yourself here.

If you are being attacked, act like a mentally ill person. There should not be predictability in your behavior. It is much more comfortable for a street gang to deal with a predictable victim than with a psycho who will yell all over the street or begin to defend himself against a tree with a branch, bulging his eyes like a killer maniac. You can even play a killer maniac, but it should look convincing, otherwise the result will be the opposite. The mental impact on the enemy in the first seconds of a street battle is sometimes decisive.

In training, focus on … running. Only in cool action movies the main character easily scatters ten bulls in different directions. Real street fighting is another matter. The maximum that a trained athlete can master is 3 opponents. Unprepared – 2. If you get to the bottom of the drunks who ate standing on their feet, the numbers can be reviewed. But if we are talking about aggressively sober people, then even for a trained fighter in street fighting, running is the best option.

No rules. If a group of people attacked you and it really threatens your life, do not think about how not to injure the enemy or how to avoid possible punishment for mutilation. As long as you think about it, they don’t care. With this approach, the winner is predetermined. Your life depends on your actions. Do not let yourself and your family down. You can use “forbidden tricks” like a hit in the eye. The enemy will not die of this, but will immediately disappear from the battle. Breaking fingers is also a technique that can save your life at a critical moment.

If the opponent is alone, it is important to behave unconventionally and strike first. You can just jump on it, knock it to the ground. In this case, you will get an advantage of Steroids in USA. Usually a street fight is a mixture of strikes (to a greater extent) and fighting techniques (to a lesser extent). Custom behavior in the form of jumping on the enemy increases your chances of winning in a single battle.

Do not give up improvised means. Stone, fixtures and other improvised means can save your life. It is highly likely that the enemy will not even attack you without weapons.

Training for street fighting

The most effective option is to visit a specialized section in which you will be taught how to fight. Jiu-Jitsu, Taekwondo, Aikido, Thai boxing are the best options for street fighting.

Learn to put the whole body in every stroke. Most of us do not use even half the potential of our strikes. Example: the correct technique allows you to invest not only with your hands, but with your entire shoulder girdle, back and legs in a knockout punch. Wrong – the use of one hand and, in part, the shoulder girdle. Beating with the right technique is several times more effective than what most do.

Running training is more important than working on a set of muscle mass. In street fighting, it’s much more important to be able to run fast than to have a lot of muscle mass. A flock of jackals can overwhelm a lion. If the lion, of course, cannot run fast. ​

Training in the gym, gaining muscle mass is important for street fighting. The best opportunity to stand up for yourself is to look so that the desire to attack you does not arise. This is an instinct: in nature, an alpha male is always more than his counterparts. A person has consciousness, but unconsciously we are wary of those who are larger than us. Impressive muscle mass allows you to avoid a fight. Using the above recommendations, muscles can help you survive.